Happy Meal with MY BOROSIL

Whenever I step into my kitchen, a sense of ethnicity takes my heart away. The visually appealing crockery window attracts me to stand and stare for a while and then allows me to cook. I actually talk with my kitchen wares at times… ( shh.. It’s a secret and now no more a secret)

Wonderful, so graceful. .stands confident and crowned in the peer group, glowing unblemished skin, virginity intact.. Hands just slip in to catch hold of it, seems to be delicate, aesthetically crafted by an artist.. So, here comes the show stopper for today’s evening, a set of VISION GLASSES, new member in the family of my crockery window…

The oldest yet the beloved and the healthiest is on the top charts of cool cool welcome drinks.. Works as an appetizer as well…

Fresh lime soda with a dash of black salt garnished with finely chopped mint leaves.. And when it is served in the slender  Borosil Vision glasses you can’t dare to deny picking your share immediately. I wished to serve the drink in Canard or Pyramid to add a tinge of sensuous appeal…. hmm.. no other option other than to manage with the existing ones .I promise the two will be the members of my crockery window soon.

Shahi Veg Pulao with Cucumber Raita accompanied with Fried Masala Papad Strips

This grand feast when served on the dining table just drools me.

Shahi Veg Pulao is a wholesome meal  as it has Basmati rice along with a variety of fresh vegetables and dry fruits .Other than that the roasted dry spices season the dish so perfectly that its aroma creates magic and brings a beautiful smile on the faces. Florets of cauliflower, shreds of Red ,Green and Yellow bell pepper, green pearls (peas 🙂 ), finely cut cubes of carrot and paneer, diced onions, french beans, finely chopped ginger and a few cloves of garlic. When these vegetables are set to dive in the shallow sea of yellow butter with the tempering of cumin seeds, they all transform into a new crispy shiny avatar.

While this mixture is kept aside we take another pan with butter where we add all the spices one by one for aroma, taste and health; cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds, bay leaves, black pepper, coriander seeds, turmeric powder; let them sauté for two minutes then we add chopped almonds and golden raisins to boast an extra handful of nutritive power to the dish.  Required amount of water along with the soaked rice and salt to taste are next in line.  the rice is perfectly cooked we add the above mixture of vegetables and carefully stir it. It’s ready to be transferred in the serving dish. Coriander leaves for garnishing have already been finely chopped.

Cold Cucumber Raita

Set half a cucumber to puree along with green chilli and lemon juice in a mixer. Add it in a bowl of curd, mix it well. Sprinkle roasted crushed cumin seeds, pinch of sugar and salt to taste. Refrigerate it for half an hour .Garnish it with mint leaves and you are ready with the awesome Raita to complement the Veg Shahi Pulao.

Fried Masala Papad Strips

Fry the strips of your favorite Papad. Sprinkle chat masala and you are done .No rocket science.

I am all ready to impress my friend with the delectable meal served in My borosil serving ware. Veg Shahi Pulao looks commendable in the deep round casserole. It was visually stunning when I poured Cucumber Raita in one of the Mixing Bowls. How I wish I would have had that trendy variety platter to serve masala papad strips, serving plate and small katoris to serve the meal….. :(.. chill guys .. Soon my wish will be fulfilled…

Till you savor the delicacies served on different platters on various blogs and I make some  preparations to catch you in the second round. Stay tuned..Stay Healthy …Stay happy


India today conclave 2014



“In 1995 I had $7 bucks in my pocket and knew two things: I am broke as hell and one day I won’t be.”

                                                                             Dwayane ‘The Rock’ Johnson

“One day I won’t be”  He said it all, in this killing phrase.

Johnson’s thoughts added robustness to his cache of the  positive energy  which embarked upon his character and thereby his destiny and unfailingly made him touch the pinnacle of success. He redefined his life’s equation to be an all time WINNER.

The element of spunk running down your nerves and the chunk of tenacity hitting the center spot of your mind is all about my definition of WINNING.

It’s simply a mind game. Focus befogged, and the goal is missed.


लहरों से डर कर नौका पार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती.

नन्हीं चींटी जब दाना लेकर चलती है,
चढ़ती दीवारों पर, सौ बार फिसलती है|
मन का विश्वास रगों में साहस भरता है,
चढ़कर गिरना, गिरकर चढ़ना अखरता है|
आख़िर उसकी मेहनत बेकार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती|

Translation :

The boat that qualms the waves
never gets across.
The mind that dreads and dares
has never been at loss.
The tiny ant, when it carries the grain
lays it up into the heights of the wall.
Falls slipping a hundred times,
Just as it tries again,
the faith in the mind
stirs courage in the nerves.
It soars and slips, then slips and soars again
Until its efforts have not been in vain…

The inspirational lines from a poem  by Late Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan enkindles vigor to accept the short term  failures with a smiling face as they are nothing, but the challenging milestones.The moment  your mind and heart  sets in consonance with the spirit to try again, after a fall , you WIN ..

It’s not about the number of awards being showcased on your name, it’s not about the inflow of fame and money, and it’s not about being in the first position every time. Winning is all about, how easily you carve your way through failures, how swiftly, but with all the dynamism you face the world each time you are being knocked down, how indubitably you shed your fears and inhibitions, and verge upon a new YOU.

Any exacerbating or ill-fated situation swishes you completely, but if your core strength is intact, it helps to overcome this fiasco. You find yourself transformed having an entirely new perspective towards life, adding more to your vertical and horizontal bandwidth.

“Never say no to new learnings and opportunities.” 

“Rediscover the awe-inducing power of looking at things with the spirit of a child.”

“Ramp up your expertise and resiliency each time, get back up and keep fighting.”

Every time you accept a challenge and fulfill it ;every time you hook up again to your dreams; every time you smile after being bumped into an unpleasant situation; the WINNER which is already inside YOU gets an extra barrel of oxygen  impregnating a headstrong spirit to begin the game of life all over again.

Seep into one’s heart, and touch the soul,

Keep forging ahead towards your goal.

Spare your comfort for others happiness,

Dare to dream ,and struggle seamless.

Lights, camera, action – BEGIN,

Say, I can do-  with all the zing.

It is possible – just imagine,

Push hard , hope high,

and let your heart sing.

Nobody is a loser, because

WINNING is your own measure.

 Write your own innings…

Syncopate it ,and  that’s  WINNING..

This post is a part of India Today Conclave 2014 in association with Indiblogger.in

Image Courtesy :  http://conclave.intoday.in ,Google Images 

courtesy (Hindi poem and its translation)  : google groups

 Winning is renewing our covenant with future.Winning is being alive. In India Today Conclave, winners and visionaries from every realm of human experience would come together to create a wiser and brighter world than what we inhabit in today.

Share… What winning means to you ?


AT&T chief engineer and Electrical Review writer John J. Carty projected in his “Prophets Column” in 1891 after the invention of the Telephone by Graham Bell


Someday we will build up a world telephone system, making necessary to all peoples the use of a common language or common understanding of languages, which will join all the people of the earth into one brotherhood. There will be heard throughout the earth a great voice coming out of the ether which will proclaim, ‘Peace on earth, good will towards men.”

the predictions then made to connect to each other came out to be so true ..Not just getting connected with one at a time and not just through plain words ..Now you can actually connect with people face to face with all your emotions and expressions that will actually make you feel …So CloseConnected…HOW?? through Wechat ..

(WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed byTencent in China, first released in January 2011. The app is available on AndroidiPhoneBlackBerryWindows Phone, and Symbian platforms.Thai, Vietnamese, and Russian. WeChat is supported on Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and 4G data networks. WeChat provides multimedia communication with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, photo/video sharing, location sharing, and contact information exchange. WeChat supports social networking via shared streaming content feeds and location-based social plug-ins (‘Shake’, ‘Look Around’, and ‘Drift Bottle’) to chat with and connect with local and international WeChat users.)  COURTESY  WIKIPEDIA


KOffee Klatch –  Garden resteraunt – 4:00 pm .

I was there before time ,moreover I was  eager to have the hands on experience of using Wechat which I had downloaded just before coming here.I quickly got connected to my best buddy  through Wechat .

 ME : Where are you ?

Best Buddy : Hey ,I am glued in the traffic jam.Trying hard  to be out .

ME : Oh GOD, why does this happen only with me  ?

(Along with waiting for him I started fiddling with WeChat)

I thought let me try the feature of Drift bottle  and see what happens .I selected  “THROW “ with the text message “Oh God ,Why is it always that everything happening with me is so Odd ?” After a few seconds I got a reply


GOD : “Why are you so disturbed ,my child ..Whatever happens ,happens for our own good.When I saw the bottle drifting I thought it must me somebody’s secret Wishlist and I could at least fulfill few wishes but there was a question and you know what?  I hate Questions ,Bachha ..

ME : Who is this?

GOD : I am the one to whom you prayed few seconds ago,THE ALMIGHTY.

As soon as I realized that HE was on the other side,I had goosebumps, I was literally jumping with thrill ..In all the excitement I didn’t know when and how the “SHAKE “feature of the WeChat worked . I then chose one and sent the greetings to him .


Khush to tum aaj bahut hoge ,kyonki maine tab ye nahi banaya hota to tum aaj itna khush nahi hote ,haain!!  reply came from the other side.

ME : who is this ?

 BELL :   I am Bell ,Graham Bell...,

** It actually got connected to the spirit of Graham Bell..**

ME : Aah!! With all due respect, Sir ,may I know how are you able to chat in Hindi ?

GRAHAM BELL  : I am a great fan of Amitabh Bachhan. I watch his movies religiously and I learnt it from there.Isn’t it cool ? 

ME :** dumbstruck  ** . Ye..yes ..it’s uber cool .

Before I could  disconnect, there was another message ping.

Year 2013 is linked with Venus,beauty, luxury and entertainment; no wonder then that women are from Venus, or so they say! Hi this is  Sanjay Jumaani ,the famous Numerologist.

I was so excited to talk to him …

ME : Hi Sanjay , a quick question..Could you tell me Why I am always pooled into Odds.?

**He asked for my birthday and after calculating for a while**

SANJAY JUMAANI  :  You are number 8 ..Number 8 is not considered to be an auspicious number .They have to keep doing the hard work .Luck does not favor them so easily .He gave some suggestions to make my life path easier .

GRAHAM BELL :Khush to tum aaj bahut hoge ,kyonki maine tab ye nahi banayaa hota to tum aaj itna khush nahi hote .. he interrupted. 

All this was getting on to my nerves  as my best buddy hasn’t shown me up till now.I texted again.

ME : Where are you ?? 

BEST BUDDY : I ‘ll catch you soon .He gauged the level of my anger and within seconds on my mobile screen  there was a beautiful pic of both of us where he had offered me roses on the friendship day .He shared it  through the feature “Moments”of WeChat.That cooled me down a bit and I smiled coyly.


Helloo!! How are you?  message from another new person  

ME :Now who is this?

 PSY  : I am PSY…

ME : Sorry ,I couldn’t recognize you ..Who PSY ???

PSY : Hey !! Gangnam Style …Now ,did you spot me ?And Why are you sounding so dull? Is anything bothering you ?

ME : I am trying to figure out that  “Why I am always delving into odds?”

PSY : OOOh!! Why do think so much ? Just chill …Enjoy in Gangnam Style …throw your worries away …The new way to get connected anywhere anytime is WeChat and the new way to enjoy is in Gangnam style.

GRAHAM BELL : ( jumbled in the conversation )”Khush to tum aaj bahut hoge ,per maine tab ye nahi banaaya hota to tum aaj  itna khush nahi hote ,haain!! 

eeesh!! I was about to disconnect the Wechat ,but my buddy’s voice popped up ,stop ,stop.. Wait…but it wasn’t from my mobile .I looked up and found that he was standing next to me . I heaved in relief,disconnected the chat kept my mobile in my bag and went along with him to have some Kodak moments .


More stuff on Wechat you tube channel

This post is written for Indibloggers Wechat contest.

TRESSemme Ramp Ready Hair


“Cascades of  thick black mermaids down the waist ” Quite a reason to brew envy behind the neighbor’s window …Ahaa!! Just as they say “Neighbour’s envy ,Owners pride ” and that’s exactly how it was long back.

“The smarmy charm, and oh! so Buoyant,Auburn or blonde but  are luxuriant, 

a plait worn loose eclipses the  face,the shimmering black defines the grace “

Preteens and teens were the Golden priceless days when the above punch line befitted so well. A  ramp walk just like a crowned princess all around puffed up ,with a pristine glow ,swishing the voluminous fish tail  as if being  the show stopper  at the centre stage under swiveling spotlights . ..but with time the scenario took an abrupt U turn .

The toughest moment lashed in when they were lying torpid, dilapidated ,lifeless on the floor .Tribulation curled my heart. the blue devils lurked through my eyes. Not even a speck of blood could be eyed…  I stood before the mirror  contemplating as to how I made them  strangled to death mercilessly.But alas!!I had no other option …

Harnessed with  the rainbow of thoughts I flew back a decade ago when my  lustrous, thick, bouncy  hair use to gurgle in glory akin Divas on the ramp flaunting and flirting with theirs..But today it had been a castle in the air after the hard water   and stress brought them into the resting phase , leaving them splitted,dry,dishevelled all the time with a big question mark on my beauty traits .Myriad alternative therapeutic remedies tried and tested on them but everytime they were in the platter before the scissors bearing pricks and pangs in my heart..

But miraculously  Tressemme oozed in like a gentle breeze,like a honey dipped melodious twitter clicked my ears..After watching the videos on  interactive Tressemme India You Tube channel I was dead sure that this would be the celestial abode for  my frizzy, rough, with split ends, almost dead hair.Without losing a second I clicked for the sample chosen from the range of CLIMATE CONTROL  for frizz prone hair . The very next day after receiving the hamper I tried the shampoo and the conditioner …

Tresemme (1)

Believe me or not TRESSemme had a star quality which  imbued the transformative power of Salon  and style in me, by working wonders on the frizzy, messy tresses .. Flirting with my hair was just what I loved to do after using the magical liquid in the black bottle.Since my hair type is wavy I tried the styles demonstrated on the  interactive Tressemme India You Tube channelTwisted side bun and messy updo made me look so different,simply superb   ..I was on cloud nine much the same as the Divas on the ramp…The compliments started pouring down ..Whoa!! Unbelievable it was but it was true ..TRESSemme blessed me with the long lost supple ,the shine ,the smooth ends,the bounce of my hair…..I had my Ramp Ready Style Album too

Ramp Ready Cover Photo

The smarmy charm, and oh! so Buoyant,Auburn or blonde but  are luxuriant , 

plait worn loose eclipses the  face,the shimmering black defines the grace

So What are you waiting for ??

Letz Rock the show with Salon style everyday ,with Edna Emme’s TRESSemme



New Range of Shampoos & Conditioners!

Smooth & Shine: for dry, rough hair
Helps moisturize dry, rough hair. For hair that feels soft and smooth.
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml 

Hairfall Defense# : for damaged and breakage-prone hair
Help reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml 

Climate Control: for frizz-prone hair
Helps prevent frizz all day long by creating a barrier between your hair and the weather
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml 

Price Range: Rs260 for 600ml; Rs128 for 225ml & Rs64 for 100ml both Shampoos & conditioners

tresemmeSubmitted as an entry for INDIBLOGGER “TRESSemme RAMP READY HAIR” CONTEST

Beautiful Braids with beautiful Ends..

Thick long black mermaids ,

cascades down the waist,

their subtle fall, their balletic bounce,

an ounce of health, beauty an ounce.

A cheval’s glass succors a glance,

I take the liberty to preen and prance..

The tresses, the curls, blush,

when Mom runs her fingers with a soft magical touch,

her grandiose pampering therapies ,

au reste the midas touch of granny’s modus operandi,

all set my hair to be proud-crested…

Oh!! Those  golden adolescent days

When I emulated french  and fishtail sexy braids…..


It was one lurid sunset in my life, 

de Novo atmosphere along with even more strife,

The black,the lustrous , lost their supple,left marred,

ticklish to see them lying spiritless,scarred…

the extraneous whims to restore the elegance

all in vain, left them with frizz and  rough split ends…

the water hit hard ,braids turned thin

With a heavy heart I made the scissors win

How I wish I had a rescue system like DOVE

How I wish I would not have to sacrifice my first LOVE….

Long Lustrous shimmering braids were my passion ,

Once upon a time they were my proudest possession, 

They  always make me feel nostalgic

But do you think it’s too late for the magic??

NO .. NO..of course not!!

 A true bond which brings together split ends,

it stood the test of time as true cherished friends,

Soft  tender texture With DOVE rescue system 






Tell your friends NEVER SPLIT EVER

“Soft Zephyrs of Love” My entry for Get Published Contest

Blog Post Title : “Soft Zephyrs of Love”  My entry for Get Published Contest 

“Love is an emotion experienced by the many and enjoyed by the few.” – Author Unknown

Love in itself might not be bitter but it  seems so  when you have been bitten venomously by someone,and  your senses are paralyzed  to unravel the paths of true love even if it comes your way…


Soft zephyrs of love, chills the  spine , shivers  every pore ,                                                              urge to feel that shiver, urge to be loved till the core.

With tormented heart and desolated state of mind she penned down these lines in her diary( this being the only pearl of her treasure she could secure with her) while en route  to an unfamiliar city where she was going to  rejuvenate herself holistically. One of her fellow traveler’s was ogling privily since the very moment she entered the compartment.He was an average looking young guy who was having a dialogue with his friends about love being all about getting nuts over  glamourous looks and Charismatic kohl smudged eyes,hanging out in coffee shops holding each other’s hand for hours and remain in romantic moods forever.

The writer lends all ears to the protagonists outcry and try hard to allay her griefs .Having paroxysm of anguish the writer is engulfed in tears to know that it’s an unanswerable quandary.

What’s the reason behind the protagonists grief and fears ? Who was that fellow traveler  observing her ?Did the protagonist had a conversation with the fellow traveler ?What were the spin and twirl in  the life of the characters? Did some absurd situations accumulate to bring them in another tumultuous situation?

Every story ends up either on happy notes or on the sad one’s but some of them on neither of the two, they end up on the real notes of life .The melancholy,the joy,the troubles of the characters ,the situations are all real.The protagonist is one of my best friends.(Name of the characters and locations will be changed )

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

You can vote for me by clicking  on the picture below.Your vote really counts.Thanks in advanceZephyrs of love


“Honestly, shopping beats therapy, anytime. It costs the same and you get a dress out of it.” 
― Sophie KinsellaMini Shopaholic

What’s in? What’s haute ? What’s trendy ?

Are you a fashionista ??  I surely am …but I define my own go-to statement …

Come letz hit the fashion spot ,letz hit the shopper’s stop                                         Shopper’s stop,the leading retail outlet along with Indiblogger is here again with another trendy contest “Shopper’s stop Perfect Look “.They have asked us to pick  the apparels and the accessories from http://www.shoppersstop.com to put into a perky ,spicy ensemble…

Elegance, ethnicity, grace,your apparels carves confidence on your face,
the choice of color and design ,is how the beauty of your heart is defined,

the accessories chosen are so swanky and unique                                        which makes the ensemble so luxe and exquisite

Grab these timeless pieces which will  remain classy and iconic…

black top



Let me admit that  I don’t follow the fashion buzz blindly …Simplicity is what I believe in ,I always add a pinch of my personal touch to mix and match the outfits to make them look directional..and more than anything else When I step in with  confidence in my own personal style it looks all the more WOW..

Three things  you should be well aware of  –

Know what drapes well on your body structure                                         Don’t put your comfort level at stake just  to have a young chic look ..         For an exemplary look even in the simplest of the outfit you only need to carry it with  confidence..

Young gals and ladies will die for this perfect look..

My simple yet exquisite ,traditional yet trendy ensemble has almost earthy  fusion brands..

 Haute Curry Knit Top :Stop Ladies Knit Striper Top: Haute Curry Mix and Match Skirt Lucera Crystal Earring  :Titan- FASHION Collection – Ladies Watch:Elliza Donatein Handbag:HAUTE CURRY – Womens Ethnic Gladiators

P.S  **** Tried a lot searching for a long necklace(of stones) and an ethnic Tote bag which could make this ensemble look out of this world..managed to match a handbag but could not find the necklace to complement the dress to make it look even more classy ****


A festive look without makeup ??? Impossible… I  prefer to have a light makeup even during the festive season..three  accessories,One brand and I am all done..

Maybelline Clear Glow Compact powder-for a shine free smooth fair skin (I am in love with the glow),                                                                   Maybelline Lip color- defines your lips with lush shimmering colors                   Maybelline colossal Kajal –  no smudging and you get the striking eyes

make up

Be ready to be the Queen of hearts during this season with this ensemble ..BUT all this will be worthy enough if you are going to have a MILLION DOLLAR SMILE on your face …So move on Pretty Woman..What are you waiting for  ?

Come letz hit the fashion spot ,letz hit the shopper’s stop 

For more details of product’s price ,offers and discounts please visit http://www.shopperstop.com


Every bat of the eye the imagination you paint ,every tick of the  silence you meditate ,every jiff of the talkfest you celebrate ,you inflate perspicacity in Odyssey of life… So come lets walk down the lane together..An aphoristic Odyssey within an Odyssey….

 “Nature can transcend all social political and geographical boundaries ..It is simply enigmatic and awe inspiring anywhere ,anytime.”   

 So let me and my dreams elude to cross all the terrestrial boundaries and attune myself to the prelude of MELBOURNE MELODY..

Aah ! But only four days..

Naah!! 4*24*60*60=345600 precious moments..to soak myself in the exclusivity served in culture ,style ,art and architecture  …It’s time to visit Melbourne now!!!

A very incommensurable ,adventurous but an elegant way of embracing the dawn and putting it as the first note of the melody would be the balloon flight over the suburbs,skyscrapers and city highlights to have a romantic rendezvous with the morning sun.Apart from this the added delight would be communicating with  the localities to know every bit of their culture,traditions, their ideology,values,their language, slangs ,their day starts ,their day ends, every speck of it.

Gaping wildlife in the natural habitat would be another musical note..                       To have an enduring venture walking among ancient rainforests in the Great Ocean Road region,discovering pulchritudinous waterfalls in the Great Otway National Park.It would be a lifetime episode to soak myself in the scenic beauty and nature’s epiphany- spot innocent koalas at Kennet river,ogle around Kangaroos,Emus ,giraffes  in their natural enclosures.May be I get a  chance to shake hands with one of them ,Who knows 🙂 ? A person will be a moron who will  turn a blind eye towards stunning mammals-playful seals,blue whales on shore, dolphins, sharks and various zoo twilights.Along with all this 12 Apostles at dawn and dusk when the sun spreads its precious diamonds on the Ocean’s face , would be a blissful visual treat…

Enriching the melody with an untouched note of recreational adventure sport …….   I would love to challenge myself and  crack the code of at least two of them -hiking,climbing and abseiling the rocky crags,trekking overnight in the rugged mountain ranges in the Grampian National Park and many more.To admire the ancient aboriginal rock art paintings amidst prelude of morning twitters and blushing wildflowers would be an icing on the cake.

Another emphatic note would be to tickle my taste buds with the exquisite Melbourne Platter in the vicinity of majestic nature..                                   Vegetarian cuisine would be my choice with fruits and vegetable delicacies.Stirring my heart and soul in the aromas of coffee , tea and local non-alcoholic beverages would be my other choice  and would surely love to grab the wild and wicked delicious patisseries some time .

So I guess all the notes of the melody would be played in these 345600 ticks of the clock.Fingers crossed not to miss the opportunity to grapple MELBOURNE MELODY MEMOIRS for my entire life.I might be the lucky one .. Who knows 🙂 ?


One of my poetry goes well with the topic…..
Khwabon ka silsila chala   
har seema, har sarhad paar chala ,
Panchhi ban udna chahe mann ye manchala…    
Bides ki maati ke rang kya jaanu,
wahan ke jeevan ka dhhang ne jaanu,
kitni alag hai wahan pyar ki paribhasha  
yehi to jaan na chahe mann ye manchala…..  
prakriti ne kaise rang bikhere hain
parvat, samudra,  pushp, makrand chitere hain
kitni alag ahi wahan saundarya ki paribhasha
yehi to jaan na chahe mann ye manchala……..    
udaasi ka aalam ,jashn ka andaaz 
kitne judaa hain unki sargam, unke saaz 
kitni alag hai wahan khushi aur gham ki paribhaasha
yehi to jaan na chahe mann ye manchala…..

This post is written as a participation in Indiblogger contest

Simplify the Equation


The need of an hour is to latch onto the fact that whether its arranged or love ….the big league is to crack the code for the relationship ,the bonding ,the MARRIAGE  to be permanent that will putatively last till death. n of course that code should be official n public as well…

When I say “the code for the relationship “ I  literally don’t mean to find a suitable match on matrimonial sites n newspapers de facto I  mean to BE THE RIGHT PARTNER for the other person

its not  about honking around about her sensual looks n indulging into romantic moods ….

its about being passionate for scared  togetherness  n to keep that sizzle n spark alive…

its not all about tight hugs n  erotic kissing…

its about holding the hands of each other tightly in lows n highs

for being in relation with on another for your entire life  the chords of hearts should strike the same or nearly the same note then only one can keep the music on and enjoy it forever ..When we nurture the relationship emotionally ,intellectually,mentally,spiritually, socially, biologically  it naturally blooms n intensifies with time..

now coming on to the X factor to make the relationship vital n durable  is mutual trust n respect, understanding n acceptance not just for each other but for each others families too …this X factor could create a bliss ..

so whether it is love after arranged marriage or arranging marriage after love ...LOVE is all the more essential …and communication verbal n non verbal between the two is even more essential to know if one  can BE THE RIGHT PARTNER for the other…..

TOdays generation is a bit more plugged in n focussed about their goals n decisions of life…may it be love marraige or arranged they are not frantic at all.. this generation keeps their eyes n ears open and are very frank with their parents to talk about it while the biggest decision of choosing their life partner  is being taken ..n if at all they accept it just for the sake of their parents then the quotient of ACCEPTANCE in the creation of relationship lacks ….n then there are regrets…

Two mature people think that they can have a bond which they can strengthen with their love, respect, trust, truthfulness n mental compatibility n make each other feel complete, then they are right n have the right to choose their life partner. But of course where there are rights to be enjoyed there comes the duties to be discharged alongwith, so the two of them should be completely at beck n call  to get along with everything patiently n with all smiles which comes their way  ……..

……..handle each others imperfections,  face the consequences of the decisions , don’t  blame anyone in any situation n no regrets whatsoever….

Complexities are there n will always be there ..

together you should have the courage to simplify the equation of your life……

Submitted for the contestLOVE MARRIAGE YA ARRANGED MARRIAGE  organised by Sony TV and  Indiblogger