Every bat of the eye the imagination you paint ,every tick of the  silence you meditate ,every jiff of the talkfest you celebrate ,you inflate perspicacity in Odyssey of life… So come lets walk down the lane together..An aphoristic Odyssey within an Odyssey….

 “Nature can transcend all social political and geographical boundaries ..It is simply enigmatic and awe inspiring anywhere ,anytime.”   

 So let me and my dreams elude to cross all the terrestrial boundaries and attune myself to the prelude of MELBOURNE MELODY..

Aah ! But only four days..

Naah!! 4*24*60*60=345600 precious soak myself in the exclusivity served in culture ,style ,art and architecture  …It’s time to visit Melbourne now!!!

A very incommensurable ,adventurous but an elegant way of embracing the dawn and putting it as the first note of the melody would be the balloon flight over the suburbs,skyscrapers and city highlights to have a romantic rendezvous with the morning sun.Apart from this the added delight would be communicating with  the localities to know every bit of their culture,traditions, their ideology,values,their language, slangs ,their day starts ,their day ends, every speck of it.

Gaping wildlife in the natural habitat would be another musical note..                       To have an enduring venture walking among ancient rainforests in the Great Ocean Road region,discovering pulchritudinous waterfalls in the Great Otway National Park.It would be a lifetime episode to soak myself in the scenic beauty and nature’s epiphany- spot innocent koalas at Kennet river,ogle around Kangaroos,Emus ,giraffes  in their natural enclosures.May be I get a  chance to shake hands with one of them ,Who knows 🙂 ? A person will be a moron who will  turn a blind eye towards stunning mammals-playful seals,blue whales on shore, dolphins, sharks and various zoo twilights.Along with all this 12 Apostles at dawn and dusk when the sun spreads its precious diamonds on the Ocean’s face , would be a blissful visual treat…

Enriching the melody with an untouched note of recreational adventure sport …….   I would love to challenge myself and  crack the code of at least two of them -hiking,climbing and abseiling the rocky crags,trekking overnight in the rugged mountain ranges in the Grampian National Park and many more.To admire the ancient aboriginal rock art paintings amidst prelude of morning twitters and blushing wildflowers would be an icing on the cake.

Another emphatic note would be to tickle my taste buds with the exquisite Melbourne Platter in the vicinity of majestic nature..                                   Vegetarian cuisine would be my choice with fruits and vegetable delicacies.Stirring my heart and soul in the aromas of coffee , tea and local non-alcoholic beverages would be my other choice  and would surely love to grab the wild and wicked delicious patisseries some time .

So I guess all the notes of the melody would be played in these 345600 ticks of the clock.Fingers crossed not to miss the opportunity to grapple MELBOURNE MELODY MEMOIRS for my entire life.I might be the lucky one .. Who knows 🙂 ?


One of my poetry goes well with the topic…..
Khwabon ka silsila chala   
har seema, har sarhad paar chala ,
Panchhi ban udna chahe mann ye manchala…    
Bides ki maati ke rang kya jaanu,
wahan ke jeevan ka dhhang ne jaanu,
kitni alag hai wahan pyar ki paribhasha  
yehi to jaan na chahe mann ye manchala…..  
prakriti ne kaise rang bikhere hain
parvat, samudra,  pushp, makrand chitere hain
kitni alag ahi wahan saundarya ki paribhasha
yehi to jaan na chahe mann ye manchala……..    
udaasi ka aalam ,jashn ka andaaz 
kitne judaa hain unki sargam, unke saaz 
kitni alag hai wahan khushi aur gham ki paribhaasha
yehi to jaan na chahe mann ye manchala…..

This post is written as a participation in Indiblogger contest



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