“Honestly, shopping beats therapy, anytime. It costs the same and you get a dress out of it.” 
― Sophie KinsellaMini Shopaholic

What’s in? What’s haute ? What’s trendy ?

Are you a fashionista ??  I surely am …but I define my own go-to statement …

Come letz hit the fashion spot ,letz hit the shopper’s stop                                         Shopper’s stop,the leading retail outlet along with Indiblogger is here again with another trendy contest “Shopper’s stop Perfect Look “.They have asked us to pick  the apparels and the accessories from to put into a perky ,spicy ensemble…

Elegance, ethnicity, grace,your apparels carves confidence on your face,
the choice of color and design ,is how the beauty of your heart is defined,

the accessories chosen are so swanky and unique                                        which makes the ensemble so luxe and exquisite

Grab these timeless pieces which will  remain classy and iconic…

black top



Let me admit that  I don’t follow the fashion buzz blindly …Simplicity is what I believe in ,I always add a pinch of my personal touch to mix and match the outfits to make them look directional..and more than anything else When I step in with  confidence in my own personal style it looks all the more WOW..

Three things  you should be well aware of  –

Know what drapes well on your body structure                                         Don’t put your comfort level at stake just  to have a young chic look ..         For an exemplary look even in the simplest of the outfit you only need to carry it with  confidence..

Young gals and ladies will die for this perfect look..

My simple yet exquisite ,traditional yet trendy ensemble has almost earthy  fusion brands..

 Haute Curry Knit Top :Stop Ladies Knit Striper Top: Haute Curry Mix and Match Skirt Lucera Crystal Earring  :Titan- FASHION Collection – Ladies Watch:Elliza Donatein Handbag:HAUTE CURRY – Womens Ethnic Gladiators

P.S  **** Tried a lot searching for a long necklace(of stones) and an ethnic Tote bag which could make this ensemble look out of this world..managed to match a handbag but could not find the necklace to complement the dress to make it look even more classy ****


A festive look without makeup ??? Impossible… I  prefer to have a light makeup even during the festive season..three  accessories,One brand and I am all done..

Maybelline Clear Glow Compact powder-for a shine free smooth fair skin (I am in love with the glow),                                                                   Maybelline Lip color- defines your lips with lush shimmering colors                   Maybelline colossal Kajal –  no smudging and you get the striking eyes

make up

Be ready to be the Queen of hearts during this season with this ensemble ..BUT all this will be worthy enough if you are going to have a MILLION DOLLAR SMILE on your face …So move on Pretty Woman..What are you waiting for  ?

Come letz hit the fashion spot ,letz hit the shopper’s stop 

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