Happy Meal with MY BOROSIL

Whenever I step into my kitchen, a sense of ethnicity takes my heart away. The visually appealing crockery window attracts me to stand and stare for a while and then allows me to cook. I actually talk with my kitchen wares at times… ( shh.. It’s a secret and now no more a secret)

Wonderful, so graceful. .stands confident and crowned in the peer group, glowing unblemished skin, virginity intact.. Hands just slip in to catch hold of it, seems to be delicate, aesthetically crafted by an artist.. So, here comes the show stopper for today’s evening, a set of VISION GLASSES, new member in the family of my crockery window…

The oldest yet the beloved and the healthiest is on the top charts of cool cool welcome drinks.. Works as an appetizer as well…

Fresh lime soda with a dash of black salt garnished with finely chopped mint leaves.. And when it is served in the slender  Borosil Vision glasses you can’t dare to deny picking your share immediately. I wished to serve the drink in Canard or Pyramid to add a tinge of sensuous appeal…. hmm.. no other option other than to manage with the existing ones .I promise the two will be the members of my crockery window soon.

Shahi Veg Pulao with Cucumber Raita accompanied with Fried Masala Papad Strips

This grand feast when served on the dining table just drools me.

Shahi Veg Pulao is a wholesome meal  as it has Basmati rice along with a variety of fresh vegetables and dry fruits .Other than that the roasted dry spices season the dish so perfectly that its aroma creates magic and brings a beautiful smile on the faces. Florets of cauliflower, shreds of Red ,Green and Yellow bell pepper, green pearls (peas 🙂 ), finely cut cubes of carrot and paneer, diced onions, french beans, finely chopped ginger and a few cloves of garlic. When these vegetables are set to dive in the shallow sea of yellow butter with the tempering of cumin seeds, they all transform into a new crispy shiny avatar.

While this mixture is kept aside we take another pan with butter where we add all the spices one by one for aroma, taste and health; cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds, bay leaves, black pepper, coriander seeds, turmeric powder; let them sauté for two minutes then we add chopped almonds and golden raisins to boast an extra handful of nutritive power to the dish.  Required amount of water along with the soaked rice and salt to taste are next in line.  the rice is perfectly cooked we add the above mixture of vegetables and carefully stir it. It’s ready to be transferred in the serving dish. Coriander leaves for garnishing have already been finely chopped.

Cold Cucumber Raita

Set half a cucumber to puree along with green chilli and lemon juice in a mixer. Add it in a bowl of curd, mix it well. Sprinkle roasted crushed cumin seeds, pinch of sugar and salt to taste. Refrigerate it for half an hour .Garnish it with mint leaves and you are ready with the awesome Raita to complement the Veg Shahi Pulao.

Fried Masala Papad Strips

Fry the strips of your favorite Papad. Sprinkle chat masala and you are done .No rocket science.

I am all ready to impress my friend with the delectable meal served in My borosil serving ware. Veg Shahi Pulao looks commendable in the deep round casserole. It was visually stunning when I poured Cucumber Raita in one of the Mixing Bowls. How I wish I would have had that trendy variety platter to serve masala papad strips, serving plate and small katoris to serve the meal….. :(.. chill guys .. Soon my wish will be fulfilled…

Till you savor the delicacies served on different platters on various blogs and I make some  preparations to catch you in the second round. Stay tuned..Stay Healthy …Stay happy

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