BOOK REVIEW – Asha Ke Pankh By Neelam Saxena Chandra

Title:              ASHA KE PANKH
Language:    HINDI
Pages:             108
Release :         2015
Price:              INR 150
Genre:          POETRY
Neelam Saxena Chandra is an engineer by profession. She works as an officer with Indian Railways. Writing poetry and fiction is her passion. Neelam has been nominated in the list of 100 most well known authors in India by Forbes for the year 2014.More than six hundred of her stories/poems have been published in various leading Indian as well as international magazines/journals/anthologies. She has published seventeen books..Neelam is a record holder in the India Book of Records for being the author with highest number of publications in a year. She has won several awards including an award in a poetry contest by American Embassy, Premchand award by Ministry of Railways, Rabindranath Tagore international poetry award, Freedom award by Radio city for her lyrics.
The book is all about keeping the hopes intact while sailing through the storms of life.Optimistic approach gives all the strength to believe in the beauty of dreams and follow them relentlessly.The emotions from day to day life are picked up in a prolific manner and are put in black and white quite creatively in the form of poems. Along with a few poems from guest authors, Neelam Chandra Saxena has given a chance to some of the budding authors to get their work published in her book( one of those lucky amateur writer being me ,Geeta Suri),though the theme remains the same ie. HOPE.
The poems entwines the nature as the true Guru which  enlightens us through tough terrains of life.Every element of nature gives a message of Hope , happiness and hardiness .
Book Cover :  Book cover is one of the paintings of the author herself. The vivacious colors are intelligently chosen depicting a new dawn with a girl on the swing of Hope amidst nature.
Book Title   : The title of the book has its own beauty which incites you to lay your hands on the book.
Title of the poems :  The title of every poem is well thought of  to be different and unique in its own way.
Language : The poems are easy to be understood by all age groups .. though the reader will have to drill oneself if S/he is not so well versed in Hindi Literature.The reader will of course add some beautiful words in her/his vocabulary bank.
The essence which piques the interest with every flipping page  was somewhere missing down the line. Few of the poems infact did not even touched the theme . The author has been quite imaginative in weaving the words  but as a reader I could not find the WOW factor in the book.
 All in all it makes a good read. “Lamhen” and ” Amaltash ke phool ”  touched my heart.
3.5 /5
P.S  My heartfelt thanks to the author Neelam Saxena Chandra for sending her book to review and above all ,keeping all the patience as I took too long to publish it. I apologize for the delay.

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