TRESSemme Ramp Ready Hair


“Cascades of  thick black mermaids down the waist ” Quite a reason to brew envy behind the neighbor’s window …Ahaa!! Just as they say “Neighbour’s envy ,Owners pride ” and that’s exactly how it was long back.

“The smarmy charm, and oh! so Buoyant,Auburn or blonde but  are luxuriant, 

a plait worn loose eclipses the  face,the shimmering black defines the grace “

Preteens and teens were the Golden priceless days when the above punch line befitted so well. A  ramp walk just like a crowned princess all around puffed up ,with a pristine glow ,swishing the voluminous fish tail  as if being  the show stopper  at the centre stage under swiveling spotlights . ..but with time the scenario took an abrupt U turn .

The toughest moment lashed in when they were lying torpid, dilapidated ,lifeless on the floor .Tribulation curled my heart. the blue devils lurked through my eyes. Not even a speck of blood could be eyed…  I stood before the mirror  contemplating as to how I made them  strangled to death mercilessly.But alas!!I had no other option …

Harnessed with  the rainbow of thoughts I flew back a decade ago when my  lustrous, thick, bouncy  hair use to gurgle in glory akin Divas on the ramp flaunting and flirting with theirs..But today it had been a castle in the air after the hard water   and stress brought them into the resting phase , leaving them splitted,dry,dishevelled all the time with a big question mark on my beauty traits .Myriad alternative therapeutic remedies tried and tested on them but everytime they were in the platter before the scissors bearing pricks and pangs in my heart..

But miraculously  Tressemme oozed in like a gentle breeze,like a honey dipped melodious twitter clicked my ears..After watching the videos on  interactive Tressemme India You Tube channel I was dead sure that this would be the celestial abode for  my frizzy, rough, with split ends, almost dead hair.Without losing a second I clicked for the sample chosen from the range of CLIMATE CONTROL  for frizz prone hair . The very next day after receiving the hamper I tried the shampoo and the conditioner …

Tresemme (1)

Believe me or not TRESSemme had a star quality which  imbued the transformative power of Salon  and style in me, by working wonders on the frizzy, messy tresses .. Flirting with my hair was just what I loved to do after using the magical liquid in the black bottle.Since my hair type is wavy I tried the styles demonstrated on the  interactive Tressemme India You Tube channelTwisted side bun and messy updo made me look so different,simply superb   ..I was on cloud nine much the same as the Divas on the ramp…The compliments started pouring down ..Whoa!! Unbelievable it was but it was true ..TRESSemme blessed me with the long lost supple ,the shine ,the smooth ends,the bounce of my hair…..I had my Ramp Ready Style Album too

Ramp Ready Cover Photo

The smarmy charm, and oh! so Buoyant,Auburn or blonde but  are luxuriant , 

plait worn loose eclipses the  face,the shimmering black defines the grace

So What are you waiting for ??

Letz Rock the show with Salon style everyday ,with Edna Emme’s TRESSemme



New Range of Shampoos & Conditioners!

Smooth & Shine: for dry, rough hair
Helps moisturize dry, rough hair. For hair that feels soft and smooth.
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml 

Hairfall Defense# : for damaged and breakage-prone hair
Help reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml 

Climate Control: for frizz-prone hair
Helps prevent frizz all day long by creating a barrier between your hair and the weather
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml 

Price Range: Rs260 for 600ml; Rs128 for 225ml & Rs64 for 100ml both Shampoos & conditioners

tresemmeSubmitted as an entry for INDIBLOGGER “TRESSemme RAMP READY HAIR” CONTEST



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