Simplify the Equation


The need of an hour is to latch onto the fact that whether its arranged or love ….the big league is to crack the code for the relationship ,the bonding ,the MARRIAGE  to be permanent that will putatively last till death. n of course that code should be official n public as well…

When I say “the code for the relationship “ I  literally don’t mean to find a suitable match on matrimonial sites n newspapers de facto I  mean to BE THE RIGHT PARTNER for the other person

its not  about honking around about her sensual looks n indulging into romantic moods ….

its about being passionate for scared  togetherness  n to keep that sizzle n spark alive…

its not all about tight hugs n  erotic kissing…

its about holding the hands of each other tightly in lows n highs

for being in relation with on another for your entire life  the chords of hearts should strike the same or nearly the same note then only one can keep the music on and enjoy it forever ..When we nurture the relationship emotionally ,intellectually,mentally,spiritually, socially, biologically  it naturally blooms n intensifies with time..

now coming on to the X factor to make the relationship vital n durable  is mutual trust n respect, understanding n acceptance not just for each other but for each others families too …this X factor could create a bliss ..

so whether it is love after arranged marriage or arranging marriage after love ...LOVE is all the more essential …and communication verbal n non verbal between the two is even more essential to know if one  can BE THE RIGHT PARTNER for the other…..

TOdays generation is a bit more plugged in n focussed about their goals n decisions of life…may it be love marraige or arranged they are not frantic at all.. this generation keeps their eyes n ears open and are very frank with their parents to talk about it while the biggest decision of choosing their life partner  is being taken ..n if at all they accept it just for the sake of their parents then the quotient of ACCEPTANCE in the creation of relationship lacks ….n then there are regrets…

Two mature people think that they can have a bond which they can strengthen with their love, respect, trust, truthfulness n mental compatibility n make each other feel complete, then they are right n have the right to choose their life partner. But of course where there are rights to be enjoyed there comes the duties to be discharged alongwith, so the two of them should be completely at beck n call  to get along with everything patiently n with all smiles which comes their way  ……..

……..handle each others imperfections,  face the consequences of the decisions , don’t  blame anyone in any situation n no regrets whatsoever….

Complexities are there n will always be there ..

together you should have the courage to simplify the equation of your life……

Submitted for the contestLOVE MARRIAGE YA ARRANGED MARRIAGE  organised by Sony TV and  Indiblogger



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