Aah !! Is this Patriotism ???

Saffron, White n Green all around….sarees,dupattas,soups ,curries, sandwiches,mocktails, even the tilaks n bindis are also included you can find these three colors sprinkled around in dress codes,dishes n drinks converting into good business deals…..its all about celebration of Independence day of our beloved country ,India…..n every year these so called leaders of democratic country serves these  platters garnished with patriotism….

Aah!! Is this patriotism   ???

the proclaimed patriots ,the politicians are laundering money from aam janta and depositing them in their swiss bank accounts n on Independence day few hoardings of felicitations ( saying 15 august ,Gantantra divas ki badhaai ) ,rallies n distribution of laddoos in some school n all …Thats all for the celebration

Aah  !! is this Patriotism ???

From dawn till dusk, from toothbrush to good night wish,from meetings ,break ups till partings, likes n dislikes, birthdays, anniversaries to celebration of every single occassion ,pouring down every single emotion….it may not be there in the real world but for sure is a mandatory part of the virtual world …Facebook is unavoidable….so Is it possible to let go our Independence day..

The page is choked with quotes ,tricolor pics ,videos with  Mera Bharat Mahaan,Jai Hind as if patriotism is spilling over n everyone is Bhagat singh of young India…

Aah!! Is this Patriotism  ????

The same story of FM radio n Television ..every channel,every program,every advertisement ,talk shows ,songs ,news is gushed out with patriotism…Oooh !!A patriotic way of minting money in  Fashion n Glamour industry….

Aah!! Is this Patriotism ???

Ishwar Allah Tero naam ,Sabko Sanmati de Bhagwaan

India is burning with Corruption,Black marketing,crime,scams..the list is endless

To save the soul of our country we have to weave peace ,honesty n unity in diversity in the loom of patriotism n then we all will be able to soulfully say

Um proud to be an Indian…(Aah se AAhaa tak)