Author:        SAMEER KAMAT
Publisher:     BOOKSOARUS
Pages:           240  PAPERBACK
Release :       2014
Price:            INR 250
Genre:         Fiction (Thriller)
About the author
Sameer Kamat is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball and Booksoarus. His first book, Beyond The MBA Hype published by HarperCollins, is currently in the third reprint. Business Doctors – Management Consulting Gone Wild is his second book.
My views

MANAGEMENT – MAFIA; Irrelevant relevancy indeed. This extraordinary concept rolled in a bit of humor makes you believe that a Management consultant can nurture ANY business that challenges him. Here the challenge was a bit weird because the business which was under a financial crunch taking its last few breaths and was desperately in need of a revival strategy was a mafia owned business of gambling, porn and drugs.

This Ivy League educated management consultant Michael Schneider, at the same time, was losing his existing clientele as a result of economic downturn in the consulting business of the corporate sector.

Stephen Woody, the mafia boss could not understand more than that he is desperately in need of someone who could instil life to his infirm business. Who other than a doctor for his business could do it better? This was actually explained to him by his wife Angie. 

Now he intends to hire Schneider associates to inflate his almost dead business. Though Michael was a bit reluctant at the first step, but afterwards reconsidered his offer for the sake of getting hefty returns which could surely keep his consultancy firm in good health.

Business Doctors : Management Consulting Gone Wild  – While reading this book was completely an enthralling experience, too many consulting jargon will surely put you off if you are a non-MBA. The flow of the story was overall good but it slows down a bit in between and becomes boring . However the plot is engaging, inappropriate paragraph breaks and alignment of the text puts you off track.

 All in all, the humor punches at right places makes it an enjoyable read.Go grab your copy.

RATING      ***/5

It is an author requested review.

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Email | info at booksoarus dot com
Connect with him on Twitter @KamatSameer
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