Deepak Kripal

Deepak Kripal

   Hold on to your breath , as I am going to introduce you with an author who has just broken the publishing barrier . His “never give up ” attitude rewarded him with his overwhelming victory of making his debut among the published authors with his book “The Devil’s Gate – An Impossible journey” .The book has already hit the online stores . Wishing his book to be a great success  and even more success in his  tryst with words.

I was spellbound after viewing the trailer of his book on YOU TUBE  and was eager to know more about his work ,though I am still waiting for its copy. You too have a glimpse of it ..


It’s completely my  pleasure and  privilege to confab with Dr. Deepak Kripal , the author of  “The Devil’s Gate – An impossible journey “…

So,let me shoot the questions..

1.     The first thought which appeared in your mind while holding your book for the first time.

    Is it really happening!

 2.     What is the inspiration behind “The Devil’s Gate: An Impossible journey’’?

There is no so specific inspiration as such. Just that a compelling story struck my mind that I had to pen down. I didn’t have any plans to write a book at this stage, but once the idea of this story came to my mind, I couldn’t help but write it.

 3.     Tell us something about your story (Of course, you don’t need to reveal the suspense).

What if, one day animals wake up and decide that, since humans are not listening to us, we should talk to the demons to let us co-habit with them? It’s an interesting thought with endless opportunities to explore. What happens after animals take this initiative and try to get help from the dead makes the base of the story. Many more things build over that which I can’t really reveal for obvious reasons.

 4.     Would you like to share any memorable moments while writing your book? 

Yes. While writing the story, one of the characters that I didn’t think would be there, appeared out of nowhere, as if I am not writing the story; the story was writing itself. That character is very important now, in the context of the story. I will not tell you the name of the character at this stage.

5.     Who is your favourite character from the book and why?

I love the character of Dug, for he is the simplest of all. You will know why I love him once you read the story. Though I would say that I love Katy & Billy equally; and you can’t help but love Cheeku.

 6.     Did you face any tumbles or blocks to make this “Impossible journey” a possible one? How did you overcome them?

To be honest, I didn’t face any major problems. Six publishers rejected me citing the reason that  my story didn’t fit into their publishing program. But I was expecting it since I was a new author and I had written a story on a rather unusual topic. But for my good-fortune, Leadstart Publishing decided to give a platform to this rather unusual story.

 7.     Which part of your book you like to read again and again and you feel proud of yourself to have written that?

I would have loved to tell you about that, but that, unfortunately, is part of the mystery, so can’t really tell you about that. I don’t want to spoil the fun. But I am sure you will know about it once you go through the story.

 8.     The title of the book is one of its own kind? So the story came first or the title?

The title came much later after the story was constructed. I don’t think that a title can give birth to a story. It’s the story that has to lead the title. That’s entirely a personal opinion though. If anyone writes a good story thinking about a title only, I’ll do nothing but salute him.

 9.     Who stood by you as a pillar of strength throughout the journey of making your dream of becoming an author, come true?

I worship friendship; and I am fortunate enough to have a lot of friends who never ask twice before doing anything for me. As long as I am alive, my friends are, and will always remain my strength.

10.  Why should I, as a reader, pick your book / or order your book to read?

If I am a reader, I would expect both emotional & intellectual satisfaction from a story, and those are the two reasons why you have to read my story.

 11.  Why did you choose this suspense/ thriller /fantasy as a genre of your debut novel? Why not some romantic or comedy or something else?

To be honest, I didn’t select any genre. If you ask me, I would create a new genre that would be called as ‘interesting’. I decided to write the story only after I was convinced that I would give anything to read such a story. I believe that there is nothing better than a good story, and that is what I intend to tell, a good story.

 12. Does your book have a slice of life in it?

      If a story doesn’t have a life, it shouldn’t take birth. You will see that the story of my book, though a fantasy fiction, comes from real life itself. Marx had famously said that ‘no idea can take shape in a vacuum’. I think he had a valid point.

I sincerely wish that his work receives warm accolades from the readers as well as the critics and he steps on to yet another ladder of success.

Heartiest Congratulations !!


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Stay tuned to read my review of Deepak Kripal’s debut Novel  “The Devil’s Gate – An Impossible Journey “.

P.S  I extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Deepak Kripal for sparing time from his busy schedule to make this interview possible.