Imprints of Love


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Virgin raindrops pitter-patter

on the window panes,

silence within, pierces her heart

with excruciating pain..

Gazing at the rain-speckles

Slips into reverie of his fragrance..

 Enigmatic smiles , sultry eyes

makes her heart dips on crests and troughs,

his satiny touches,strokes of caresses,

 spur in, ecstatic  waves of passion..

Honeyed whispers , scintillating desires,

slender fingers slide on the contours of her face

Velvety lips fervors, soundcloud of heart thunders,

mellow music made her syllables dance,

blazed intense furor,surged in, romance..

Left behind were the imprints of love

on her mind body and soul…

Crushed on the white linen were the satin red petioles

urgent call,Goodbye sweetheart ,he cajoles..

She wished he could have stayed with her for a while

She wished to surprise him on the day of the valentine..

Plunges out of the trance

her own skin at a glance ,

marks she traced ,then there were none

but on her soul there were still some….

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