“..and the world was silent again..”

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Day after day the beautifully sculpt mold was taking its shape.the delicate chord passed on life to her.The rhythm of her breath  seems to be a celestial melody.her kicks inside the womb makes one’s heart to take a joyous leap.Suddenly the mirth and glee were pauperized..She was the victim of maniac minds and ogreish hands .She was made to miss the moment  to enter the world.

One more world was made to be silent again….

Hearts bled ,veins spurted, minds shuddered.

Black and white turned red,rallies,bandhs,candle marches,uproars and anger bursts,alarms and excursions were at their penultimate point…..only for a few days ..and the world was silent again..blind,deaf and dumb.it was marked as just another death.

Angelic face with a  cherubic smile,dreams sparkling in her eyes ,innocence seems to have been playing around you. Vibes of thousand thrill gushed down your veins just with her loving touch.she is yet to learn to verbalize her feelings and emotions,Your world hops around her….another black day-  few horrendous minds schlepped away  that little one from the bosom of her mother, wrung her neck,and then threw her in the garbage tin.

One more world was crushed and  made to be silent again….

Hearts bled ,veins spurted, minds shuddered.

Black and White turned red,the lungs were strained,the brouhaha in every nook and corner of the city,hue and cry upsurged…only for a few days .. and the world was silent again...blind, deaf and dumb..it was marked as just another death.

After facing all the challenges ,fortunately if the female fetus transits to a teenage girl  and yet another fortune cookie comes in favor of her to have wonderful parents who educates her,secures her , try to bless her with all the roses in her life  . Some brambles outside their sweet home lurk around to nail these blossoming buds .

She was dragged brutally,she shrieked in agony ,yelled for help.The dregs of the society assaulted her ruthlessly- mentally ,emotionally and physically .She filed a police complaint.The court orders sent her  to the Woman rehabilitation center .It was even more exacerbating to know that she was riotously made to go  through a series of sexual assault,verbal and physical abuses in that center itself.She protested ,she wailed,she squawked.The police ,the warden ,the lawyers compelled her to zip her mouth.                                                     Protectors of the society turned out to be predators.

She, with all her vigor came out to reach for justice once more.But the venomous claws were not too far from her .They grabbed her again ,drilled and bored her  body completely with sharp cudgel,slammed her head against some sharp edges. .The chunks of her body with  blood clots were found on the roadside.she fought bravely but could not defeat death.Graveyard seems to be the safest place for a woman..

One more world was shredded and was made to be silent again..

Hearts bled ,veins spurted, minds shuddered.

Black and white turned red,spite rallies,protests,tweets,FB status updates,blog posts,anger  outbursts  were all around,  saying .”Merciless sadists “,”gruesome gory act” ..”and still they come under the category of human beings…even animals are much better than them”…the outcry took another tangent this time,The banners said   “Geld these bloodthirsty beasts .Let them be between the same  hawk and buzzard “…its high time for a concrete change in mindsets,law and justice

…and the world …..??? Will it again be silent  ???Will it again be blind ,deaf and dumb..??? Will this also be marked as just another death ??

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