“..and then there were none “

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The big haversack, rugged ,messy, mucky ,in shreds

agog for his per diem sojourn…

To gaze the flocks of colorful feathers,

to chase the on-road fellow riders.

Rows of dahlias and poppies,

lurking from balconies hails him..

He is enthralled and stupefied,

suddenly the brakes are applied..

jumping and bumping, now, on a shoulder- ride

A second slipped ,a familiar stroke he sipped

Aah!! it was the only one, the last one ,one last letter

and that too is now delivered..

Oh!! it left me empty ,it left me devoid

..and then there were none ,he ogled inside,

Hundreds of strokes flipped in his mind ,

Zillions of expressions did unwind,

dubious ,subtle,dialated eyes ,cheeks puffed up,

he captured those winks of triumph and cheer..

 even  the spells of grief and despair..

How wondrous he found himself  , he carries so many mysteries around,

he escorts in, memories,colored ,hued

 strings in, sometimes, what you just mused..

plays hopscotch ,runs,rides and comes to you across the miles

spine tingling he is ,together with him, rides both, the tears and the smiles…

Isn’t this a miracle ??

It comes from within the postman’s haversack magical …

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Image courtesy    historyofsalvationii-chaminade.blogspot.com

There was a hesitation in posting this haiku ..I am unable to understand whether it justifies today’s prompt or not.kindly advice..


waiting to be dropped

Letters,unnerved me ,marred me

heart in transit.