God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr

India’s status quo is all wrapped up in glittering, glamorized packages .They even overdo it with colorful satin ribbon bows.Under cover the  ballgame is detrimental  iniquitous,nefarious and what not..

Instead of CHANGE we are in desperate need of about- face..

I exist and so does you.I am the creation of God and so are you..

I as an individual ticks another when my ethos , ideologies match with the other , I evolve into  WE, and we  start walking together..WE form a unit called family ,this family tucks into society and society is one of the major pillars of our country…

Rehashing the above mentioned to bring about any change in the country you have  to start it from the grass root level that is an individual,I.If I can bring about the change in myself then only I can go another step further to change another individual…

The need of an hour is to CHANGE ONESELF(I)If I(individual) expect something from other I have to give it first…If I want youngers to respect me I have to set an example before them by respecting the people around me.As they say Be the change you want to see in this world .”

BLUEPRINTI will have to  self-retrospect ,self- analyse on all five layers ie physically,mentally,intellectually,emotionally,socially whether I  befit and am beneficial for myself,my family,society and thereby for my country by all means.The indubitable approach to achieve the goal is Yoga and meditation which will surely lead to the right coordination of mind body and soul and create a positive aura ..Yoga and meditation should be a compulsory subject in schools and colleges so that the upcoming generation comes out with a well balanced personality.

In addition to EDUCATION, instillation of MORAL VALUES and ETHICSThis is where we are lacking.Books and books all around but still knowledge is missing.We are just providing oodles of information and thus the end result is human being turning out to be emotionless creatures ie machines.

BLUEPRINTNurture the moral values and ethics from the moment the child is in the cradle,the duty of course has to be shouldered by parents and family. It’s their responsibility .”NO GENDER DISCRMINATION”should start from home .Both the girl-child and the boy-child should be  treated equally in all aspects- be it inculcating the moral and ethical sense  and responsibilities towards each member of the family,society ,nature and their country, their education,fulfilling their requests,or prioritizing their choices of food, clothes and other activities.

Strict LAW and JUSTICE system..the present system has gone sick and sterile. The saviors are turned to predators. Right from the lowest division brigade to the highest one each one of them is biased either by the power of position or power of money.The complete circle has gone vicious.

Unequal distribution of money should be stopped.Why ad how the entertainment field is in crores and looking into the agriculture   field we find is still struggling ??

The one who commits heinous crimes is roaming fearlessly  as they know that the law and justice is working as a puppet for them.The ” Aam aadmi” could never get justice .We say “God ,please save us from the Black and white coats” that means don’t put us into any conditions that we ever need to touch the advocate judge,police and doctors.Can you think why ?

BLUEPRINT – We need to fire the corrupt batallion immediately and it  should continue till the dirt is cleaned.The pending cases should  be completed ,the clear cut horrendous criminals should be geld between the same hawk and buzzard.Non-corrupt officers ,quick decisions ,and moreover the victim should not be made to go through the same hell again and again through the cross examination by the opposition advocate.LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED.The distribution of money in all the fields should be brought to an approximate same level.

Train the minds to be CONSTRUCTIVE not destructive It’s not necessary that every child will be equally capable to grasp the same level of knowledge .The students who does’nt seem to be interested in studying should be shown other constructive paths.

BLUEPRINT   – Train the minds to be constructive whether it is to teach them how to get into agriculture or how to build a space ship or how to sell a product. Its just the matter of being constructive,because an idle mind leads to destruction. so the path has to be enlightened .This should start from the school level when the child starts showing its inclination towards a particular subject or a hobby.Involve them into vocational courses as per their interest and let them blossom.

  strict SCREENING PROCESS to become the LEADER of the country the most illiterates are on the most responsible positions and they are ruining the country or I should say they are acting as termites and eating the roots.

BLUEPRINT -To be an MP,MLA or a member of Gram Panchayat or any of the leading positions in the government of India,  a particular qualification should be decided,  They should be checked that they do not have any criminal records, they should be made to appear for  oral,written tests , and a  series of interviews .The panels should have a common man.Their wealth should be in proportion to income.The extra wealth of the ministers should be collected and put into a trust made for common man and should be used for him.This might help in eradicating lots of problems.

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