Let’s focus on  the Euphoric, Magical, Powerful, Beautiful thoughts of life and reinvent an entirely new world of our imaginations….Whenever we focus with conviction on anything, it really does happen.

Visuals seems to be more appealing  than words….So, here is the World Remade (by me)


When you show deep empathy towards others, their defensive energy goes down and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get more creative in solving problems.                                 STEPHEN COVEY  

Extra Hapnez   LovEmpathy

With love around ,happiness blossoms.. and then Joy comes tumbling after…

. . Extra Joy

Real world   Clean n green

The emotions instilled and feelings generated by a tight hug ,a pat or a wink by a friend of the real world has the power to change the life …..  

Soil and Soul are tugged together .. Let the soul breathe fresh with the sustenance of green around.

..   freedom

The unseen bars and chains still pulls women back from spanning her wings in the unlimited sky…Narrow orthodox minds still sucks..

Liberation of mind n soul  … Gender equality

Mind and soul being completely under the clutches of glitterati world .. Their liberation is a must.

..                 knowledge wisdom

Nuggets of wisdom and knowledge bites  can enlighten ,amuse and enrage positive thoughts which can reinvent various arenas of life.

The need of the hour is having more of rational thinkers, who can enlighten the path towards peace and spirituality.


I think , I have said it all…..It’s not a fantasy world at all…We can certainly make it, with  faith , action, perseverance and patience..and the best moment to start working on it is NOW…

(This time, instead of putting my thoughts into words, I chose to sketch which gave me immense pleasure and creative satisfaction)

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Without black, no color has any depth. But if you mix black with everything, suddenly there’s shadow – no, not just shadow, but fullness. You’ve got to be willing to mix black into your palette if you want to create something that’s real.     – Amy Grant

The talk of the town is BLACK…

Black is abstract yet attracts……it’s secretive yet seductive..

Black is evil yet powerful…. it’s whimsical yet magical

Black is arrogant yet elegant,…….conceals yet reveals

Black is death,Black is rebirth ;Black is old,Black is bold

Black is absence of all colors yet it completes the picture

*******How I wish, I might have had a complete transformation into an elegant yet mischievous, wicked-witch wearing an all black attire from head to toe don with a crooked nose, pointy hat  to cast a spell on Blogadda team and cause a magical mayhem ( turning them into frogs ( Bwahaaaa..aa) 😉 ) for not fulfilling my desperate wish of having a great weekend at Goa(it would have been my first time in the entire  lifetime to visit Mumbai and Goa as well) with some awesome bloggers, that would have added some zest to my anyways boring life. Look , how BLACK my inner-self can be ..( He he ).Do I sound as a narcissist? Aah! My unyielding desire to grab the spotlight got flushed away in the downpours. It was a complete Black Out and I lost all my zest of participating in other contests. Though, I  thought of skipping this one too, but, since I had already drafted it before #zestupyourlife post(except the the paragraphs in Azure ) ,so , pushed myself hard to post it .

 Call me a black sheep of your(Blogadda) family or blacklist me because of the BLACK speculation above … I could not resist putting down my feelings in Black and White….. Swearing hard this time not to participate in any of the contests even though how luscious or heart captivating are  the dishes being served by Blogadda, because I know, once again my Black luck ….eesh…sorry… Bad luck shall stand tall as a demon in front of my winning deal and my small little heart shall have to bear the thunderous pain..********

So ,here are the BLACK-LISTED items … Oh!! sorry again.. here is the list of BLACK items( tangible or intangible, believable or unbelievable) I desire  …

BLACK desire #1    BLACK ROSE

black rose

Nature again… of course it cannot be BLACK.. but Black makes it complete. I am talking about the Black beauty of the garden. Red roses are said to be romantic and yellow graces the friendship . How about a Black Rose ? Have you ever thought of proposing someone with a Black rose.. So unusual .. isn’t it? But I like unusual things, incidents and people. Although, I have bushes of Red , yellow, orange , white and pink roses in my garden ,I still wish to have atleast one bush of Black Rose among them as their friend.

BLACK desire #2    Predominate the BLACK PLANET


Not only the humans segregate the evil , the bad, as BLACK, but even the celestial family has a black sheep among them . THE BAD GUY …THE PLANET SATURN which is said to  bring in bad luck and bad omens with him .It is said to be “the malefic amongst the malefic ”  . I strongly desire to have the super power to control this BLACK Planet and position it in such a house  where the BLACK turns into the colors of integrity, fame, spirituality,love ,success and all the positives in one’s life.

BLACK desire #3     BLACK Beauty Spot

black beauty spot

 A question which intrigues me many a times, is whether  the beautiful ladies are generously gifted with the beauty spot or the beauty spot makes them genuinely beautiful… still digging the grey matter …Another wierd desire … How I wish,I would have had a mesmerizing black beauty spot on my chin to flaunt my charm which could escort  me  to the queue of beautiful ladies ( of course with the same heart as I have now which is as pure as a dew drop.)

BLACK desire #4    BLACK vodka

Black vodka

Adhering to style and sophistication,liberation is #whattheBlack desire of my heart is. I wish to chill out with my friends someday having few shots of black vodka and booze out. Party hard,laugh out loud- so much so that the Black curtain drops in front of the toil and troubles; dance,as if I am the queen of hearts;live every moment,as if I will die tomorrow. Liberate , liberate and  liberate…

BLACK desire #5   BLACK Apple IPAD

Black Ipad

Don’t Blackball me for not being a gadget geek. I don’t change my gadgets with the change of seasons. This is the reason why every eye  ogling at me has an expression that I am completely behind the times.Let me share  a secret with you that I am deeply ,madly in love..hmmm.. in love love…. with the lean, the thin ,the powerful , the BLACK Apple IPAD .It’s possession will enthrall me to the core.

Oh!! Now I am having a total of 6 desires including to be a BLACK wicked witch…  🙂 He he..( I added this desire after #Zestupyourlife contest) It’s entirely within  your discretion to consider any five of the above. 

P.S  Blogadda Team  – Requesting to  take everything on a lighter note. I don’t have any intentions to hurt anybody’s sentiments or feelings.

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 It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends. – J. K. Rowling…..…                                     And even more to stand up to your life partner.

Her mind was shuddered yet she was poised; She was empty handed yet she had no regrets; Her heart bled yet she kept smiling….

Though the spiritual charisma of Lavanya charmed me, looking at her, I always felt that there is an inundation in her which is desperately seeking an appropriate outlet. Probing her for a number of times she agreed to unveil the emotional whips and lashes she surpassed bravely.

She is a true Mardaani

After getting married to Lucknow based Niketan, Lavanya accepted every new person in the family with an open heart and mind, handled every situation very calmly,but what was getting above her head were those abusive snide remarks from her husband every now and then .It was even more horrible when her father-in-law’s sweet coated remarks aggravated the situation every time. The scoffing rate went higher day by day. The only way to keep the relationship pacing was to IGNORE and AVOID. So, she did that, but at every ignorance her soul was awarded an extra scar. Still nothing stopped. It grew even more gruesome. Indirect physical abuse was their next trick. Sweet with words and  posing that they are taking care of her they gave the medicine while she got hurt one day. That medicine left  her unconscious for two full days.. and when she regained her consciousness, she overheard the conversation  of her husband with her father-in -law.


Her husband (to his father) I have fulfilled the last wish of mummy (who has been bedridden since last 4 years) by getting married although I never wanted a wife in my life. Moreover, she hasn’t brought any gold or cash along with her ,so  is useless for us “Aurat to waise bhi pair ki jooti hoti hai ” . From now onwards she is just a toy to play… And if you also feel like playing with her you can, while I am not here…

It was like a horrendous nightmare for her… Those spine chilling, filthy words gave a head rush once again… But from that moment onwards she had to be alert and even more calm and normal to handle the situation. She posed to be sleeping for some more time to plan to save herself. After some time she stood up from the bed, behaved normally so as to hide about her being aware of the reality.

In the evening she took permission to go to the temple for some time so that she can talk to her parents who could help her come out of  this problem. But, they were in Hyderabad for few days.. After talking to their daughter they started off  immediately from there so as to reach her as soon as possible. Lavanya mustered all her courage and thought of buying red pepper powder to keep along with her to help her face any kind catastrophe.

As soon as she stepped back into her house an unexpected  pandemonium broke out. Her husband quickly bolted the room from inside where her father-in – law was already present. Her sixth sense warned her of something unusual. She quickly took out the red pepper powder and threw in the eyes of both father and son. They went wild,snarled at her, pulled her hairs, tried groping her, but, suddenly in between all this, Niketan left Lavanya with his father in the room and bolted from outside.

Here I interrupted her to ask, that Why Niketan went outside the room?

Lavanya said, all the pepper powder she flung must have went into his eyes so he might have gone to splash his eyes with water.

That shameless old ba****d came forward to yank her clothes away. He was successful in pinning her down.His every pore oozed out brutality. She shrieked in agony ,she wailed,she squawked and fearfully begged for a few minutes, but within fraction of seconds a spurt of vigor recharged every single pore of her body. A sadistic smile curled her lips up. She was transformed into a powerhouse ready to burst.She kicked that old man between his shins with full force umpteen times till he fell flat. Now she stood up, tried opening the other door(back door) which was luckily not bolted from outside.To rescue herself, she quickly took her wallet, ran towards the taxi stand, took a taxi to the railway station and boarded one of the trains which was about to leave in a minute. Along with the departure of  the train  from the Lucknow station,the anger, the fear,the deep gasps of breath,the incessant flow of tears,the sweat on her face;all slowly took a tranquil tone. Explicitly etched on her face was the sense of relief to have fought with grit and quick wit against the beasts in the human skin.

After inquiring with her co-passengers, she informed her parents  that she has boarded the train for Nainital and asked them to take a route to that city. She was safe, but it took her eight months to regain  her emotional balance. she filed a complaint with the police and fought for her rights.

It was my honor to have lived with that woman for a month.I salute to her valor and sense of wisdom.My senses went numb knowing that such beasts are living and living with pride..  Every time I listen to such episodes my soul squeals to geld such fiends to the same hawk and buzzard they put women into.

SHE IS A TRUE MARDAANI . She inspired me to never avoid a single abuse. STOP it on the first step..Raise your voice so much so that even the deaf can hear..

P.S I don’t have her pic right now with me.



Hindustani har bolo ke munh hamne suni kahani hai

Khoob ladi mardaani wo to “MARDAANI ” wali RANI  hai…..

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Title:              RISE OF THE SUN PRINCE (BOOK 1)
Series:           RAMAYANA : THE GAME OF LIFE
Author:           SHUBHA VILAS
Pages:             217  PAPERBACK
Release :         2014
Price:              INR 250
Genre:            MYTHOLOGY
Rise of the sun princeABOUT THE AUTHOR

Shubha Vilas  – a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law with specialization in Patent Law. His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He also helps individuals deal with modern-life situations by applying the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and other dharmic traditions.


The first book of the six volume series THE RISE OF THE SUN PRINCE  is essentially about the Baal Kanda of Ramayana by Sage Valmiki garnished with some anecdotes from  Kamba Ramayana. The sojourn of the engrossing description of the fable amalgamated with the provocative teachings through the footnotes distinctly declares it to be a page turner.

Retelling an old literary masterpiece is rather difficult than penning down a fresh new story,but the author has done this job with great perfection. The originality of the epic is intact, but “Jeevan Sutras” in every chapter nourishes the mind with the proper potion of wisdom to deal with the conundrums of life and inspires to follow the path of optimism, even during times of failures. It stands out of the various other modern interpretations as it has been restated as a spellbinding multifaceted tale with the narration being so captivating that you are hooked up to it till the end.

Magical words make the description so mesmerizing that you truly transmit yourself into that era, but still are able to connect with the present life’s quest. Simple yet lucid and convincing narration has been the highlight throughout. The drama and action in the saga is being unfolded skillfully in an alluring manner.

The various laws like law of sharing, law of dependence, etc. elucidates how these could be applied into all our relationships  for a smooth landing in every aspect of life.

The Book cover is quite appealing and is good enough to stimulate the intellectual tier and perk up your interest  to immediately lay hands on the book. No matter what age group you fall into, this book has the potential to guide you through life’s complexities.

I strongly recommend this book who enjoys reading Indian Mythology.

Rating  4/5.

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On a Rainy Day

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rainy day1
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On a rainy day,I whirl ,I strive,
I push my heart and soul to smile…
Virgin raindrops take a deep sigh
Oh! dear,Some feelings just can’t die …
The silent pain of loss,  
ecstatic waves swirls and toss….
Tears keep pouring down as rain
soaks me into everlasting piercing pain…
Equations of life so bizarre,interlaced,
Whirling to put them all straight…
The glee the mirth are far, far away,
bliss n gay just winks on my way….
piece by piece every moment, I split,
iota of me is lost bit by bit…..
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Span out your wings in the blue, rough paths,tough times,

cross them ,kick them, dare to be bold dare to be you ,

Life is just not perfect , neither are you, but

the  perfect ways to deal with  life makes a BOLD you .

The brain is all enshrouded by the mist of  illusions of fear and uncertainty. Freedom of thoughts and actions is clogged.The truth is at the end of the rainbow .If you have the courage to prick that shroud of fear ,if you have the courage  to squeeze out all the preset  trepidations and could actually chase your dreams and passions whilst knowing the purpose of it ,then undoubtedly you are bold being real. Now, Boldness don’t really mean that you have to behave like an outrageous bull leaving moral values behind.Here you need to keep a check.

The inhibitions of being a failure keep you aback from venturing into new niches .  After all interpolations the result is that you are with a mask .Shed the inhibitions,throw away the masks and you will find the complex equations of life turning simpler with you are being more realistic.

Just rocking on with the bold and bright hues does not make you so.You have to have it in your words and actions which fulfils the positive purpose of life which irrefutably satiates your soul and make your heart happy go lucky.So, do whatever makes you happy and f?@k what others think about it …

Don’t let the world dictate your life ,be bold enough to take the reins in your hands.

Go for the science stream ,it has a vast scope ,Mother dictates.

you are good in mathematics ,opt for commerce ,teacher dictates.

Do not leave this job ,you won’t get a better package than this,father dictates.

Get married ,it’s time now,relatives dictates.

This attire possibly doesn’t suit you ,husband dictates.

……… The list is endless

The biggest question is When are YOU going to dictate the terms and conditions of your LIFE ?

When are YOU going to set your Goals and dare to Dream beyond the horizon?

The moment you decide to control your life, that very moment you become BOLD as well as  REAL ..

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Dream Big Dream Beyond

IIM  ?? No ; Gold medallist ??  No ; son of a business tycoon ?? No …. Yet while turning the leaves of the chronicle of his life you can find the success Signature on his Dreams of this self made man.Dreams never tag the elite eyes, they could shape up in anyone’s – rich or poor , literate or illiterate , mature or immature.

The tolls of  the temple bell, a Bhajan buzzing on FM ,the spicy aroma from the  mobile food stalls of the street corner, the steam from the spouts of the kettles brewing the first tea of the day , the thud of the rolled newspaper inside the balconies, few cyclists on the streets ,the school and college buses moving to their destinations …everything was just the same though the city was new to me ..I was searching for someone who could prepare some delicacies  for my twenty-five  to thirty guests as I was about to throw a party for my colleagues and subordinates after I got transferred here. And it was a chance that I asked for help at my nearby restaurant cum sweet shop . Mr. khandelwal , sethji ( as his employees use to call him) sorted out my problem  and sent a cook at my place .The party was wonderful and everybody out there complimented me for the arrangements and  the finger licking food.

After the party was over I called the cook, talked to him for a while and appreciated his work . He was overwhelmed with my behavior and promised  to cook for my house parties .His name was Gopal.

Gopal had just been like a family member after he shouldered the responsibility of catering  few of the house parties. While his looks doesn’t orchestrate with his abilities , his culinary artistry proffers an undaunted gleam and grin on his face.Shabby clothes ,dishevelled hair never repressed him to stand among the high profile people.Fulfilling the orders which Sethji use to bring was his only job but  fulfilling his dreams was his only goal in life. 

“Focussed mind  and determination  are the two indispensable tools to grapple with the odds during the journey towards success.”

I spin on my toes for the whole day round, be it the sunny, scorching ,piercing heat,be it the swishes of humid breeze,be it the chilling and biting winters and the heat of my stove never simmers down before midnight at every tick of the date on the calender.People deliberately halts at this restaurant  just to savor the meal I prepare and tickle their taste buds with the flavors I add into my dishes and yet Sethji never pay me enough to make my both ends meet, so how  can I even think of fulfilling the dreams of my family,my wife has to ponder a hundred times before buying a saree for herself ,I want my children to study in a decent English medium school so that they don’t suffer for being uneducated as I am . Gopal kept whining for at least half an hour in front of me.

I was all ears to his complaints and along with that whirlpool of ideas started somersaulting inside my head .After weighing the consequences of  all the ideas I picked two to share as a  piece of advice with him which would help him come out of this clutter.

I threw  the dice of my advice and now it was his turn to exercise his sharp intellect and  move his tokens swiftly to come out with a win win situation.

Gopal said,I will have to take the action against the sea of troubles or else the troubles will gulp me down and I will have no other option except to grunt and sweat.OF COURSE it’s quite a big risk of leaving the job of permanent monthly salary,that too in an emotional pang without any planning. I will be bare handed if there are no orders in a particular month.your advice is precious .Taking the calculated risk will be wise enough.

“Creative approach and strong work ethics  always lead to positive results.”

After a few months he visited and was quite overwhelmed and indebted towards me. You know what happened Di (sister) (as he use to call me),I followed your advice and started taking one or two party orders of around seventy-five  to hundred people at a stretch separately during the spare time .Though Sethji grumbled but I was determined enough to bring about this change.My team of four is now completely trained to work during part time along with me. And you know what?   People love my way of preparing the food.They relish the cuisines sprinkled with the magic of my fingers .I have started earning some extra bugs along with  the fixed salary from Sethji. One day I will leave his job and will take the orders independently , though I am not educated still I know I can do it. 

His voice went even more husky ,crystal clear drops clustered in his eyes ,a satiating smile was a bit hesitating to spread on his face,While he narrated his past two month story . All the B-School pass outs would fizzle in front of this uneducated man who is self motivated, proactive, who did not seek for anybody’s permission to chase his passion. He has a mature vision to take calculated risks.

“To see every event as an opportunity and accepting the challenges with an open mind is undoubtedly the ladder towards success.”

And after some time when I met him  he said that now he has completely left his job. He is leading eight teams who prepare lunch and dinner for formal and informal parties,marriages and festivals ranging from a hundred persons to five thousand persons at a time.Recently they triumphantly fulfilled the lunch and dinner orders for the IPL team who visited the city during the matches.

His graph of growth is ascending in leaps and bounds .His humble beginnings offers inspiration to many around him .

Each one of us has an entrepreneur inside us. Vision to recognize it and courage to pull it out is essential for being successful.I reminisced the title of one of the books of Robert Schuller  “TOUGH TIMES NEVER LASTS BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO “  and gave  a positive nod in his admiration.

I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with



Title      : Salvation of a Saint

Author     : Keigo Higashino

Genre      : Fiction, Suspense Thriller 

Publisher : Little Brown Book Group

Binding   : Paperback

Pages      : 384

Price       :Rs. 350 (buy from flipkart in Rs. 214 (39% off))

Murder mysteries,Crime thrillers ,Investigative reads – Aah!! For me, too hard to pick such books  .

Internationally acclaimed, award winning , Japanese author of the multi million copy bestseller THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X ,the title of the book and the blurb was an exceptional blend to stimulate me to flip through the pages of KEIGO HIGASHINO’s SALVATION OF A SAINT which undoubtedly had me beguiled right from the start to the end.

A classic murder mystery adorned with well constructed plot of suspense,few amazing twists and turns,riddles inside enigmas along with a bizarre murder technique .The murderer was introduced in the very first chapter and the story took pace turning through the pages leaving behind the major clue that death happened due to poison .

Yoshitaka,the president of an IT company,a typical male chauvinist, highly egoistic was running his marriage as per his declared terms and conditions ,which became null and void with sips of arsenic laced coffee.The prime suspect was his wife Ayane,a patchwork quilter whom he was cheating on just because she could not reproduce  even after one year of their marriage.Who else could be ?

WHODUNIT ? Who was the killer? Was it a combined conspiracy or Was she Hiromi ,an apprentice quilter of Ayane  whom  Yoshitaka has taken as a  mistress and she was the only person present when he died.

The team of detective Kusanagi churned their gray matter applying scientific theories one of which was the theory of elimination to finally reach the truth. The degree of complexity became higher when it was found that Ayane was physically thousands of miles away when this murder took place .

Detective Galileo ,an old friend of Kusangai was called to unravel this mystery .He racked his brain with all sorts of observations , interrogations , theories, possibilities and what not .. Apart from WHODUNIT, an  irksome question was HOWDUNIT?

A perfect murder it was .The tricks and tactics used to prepare the blueprint of murder which answers  the question HOWDUNIT was far more interesting than the flat simple answer of WHODUNIT.

The difficult part in the book –

1.To get acquainted with the characters easily as they had Japanese names and I had quite a tough time to recall and connect with them.

2.Initially the story  paced up but in between somewhere it fell flat and I had to manage somehow to maintain the interest.

Smooth narration.Language being simple and gripping.The writer has a unique and refreshing style .Out and out a decent thriller and if your gray matter chuckles around the murder mysteries then it’s a compulsive read for you.Enjoyable and fun read.

Ratings : 8/10


Born in Osaka, he started writing novels while still working as an engineer at Nippon Denso Co. (Presently DENSO). He won the Edogawa Rampo Award, which is awarded annually to the unpublished finest mystery work, in 1985 for the novel Hōkago (After School) at age 27. Subsequently, he quit his job and started a career as a writer in Tokyo.

In 1999, he won the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for the novel Naoko, which was translated into English by Kerim Yasar and published by Vertical Inc. in 2004. In 2006, he won the 134thNaoki Prize for The Devotion of Suspect X . His novels had been nominated five times before winning the award. The novel also won the 6th Honkaku Mystery Grand Prize and was ranked as the number-one novel by Kono Mystery ga Sugoi! 2006 and 2006 Honkaku Mystery Best 10, annual mystery fiction guide books published in Japan.

The English translation of The Devotion of Suspect X was nominated for the 2012 Edgar Award for Best Novel and the 2012 Barry Award for Best First Novel.

He writes not only mystery novels but also essays and story books for children. The style of writing differs from his novels, but basically he does not use as many characters as in his novels.

Last but not the least a big round of applause for  both Alexander O Smith and Elye J for  brilliantly translating this masterpiece from Japanese.

This book has been provided by Blogadda under the BookReviews Program.

Thank you so much Blogadda for giving me this opportunity

My Dad- A true Soldier

This is a true incident about my survival when I was 4 yrs old .My mother narrated it to me when I stepped into the mature cadre.

Oh! I am hungry ,I am so hungry,Mumma…I nagged continuously while she took me into her arms.We  were returning from the dispensary after my check up ,and my mumma was in fact satisfied that I was completely cured.

Through the lane of the market of fruit vendors I pestered her to buy me some guavas..and she did so immediately for me..I quickly took one and started eating and we started walking again towards our home..Just before a minute or two when we were about to reach our place I  lost my senses , left all of myself on my mumma’s shoulders just like a haversack ..She sensed something odd,tried pulling my senses back but her efforts were all in vain .She at once  took an autorickshaw to the dispensary of our family doctor again..

The Doctor was shocked to see us back within an hour .He diagnosed me once again as I was going breathless ..His hands trembled ,the stethoscope fell down ..he was way too nervous .He made a quick decision and asked my mom to take me to the city hospital and consult the specialist there.

She without losing a second called at my father’s office from there itself,caught hold of me, tried to find the conveyance but could not, so she just ran for the hospital crazily afraid of uncertainties.

My father peddled his bicycle as quickly as he could, reached home, threw it then and there ,picked up his Motorbike and was there in the hospital within no time.

He spotted both of us standing at one corner, with me armed around her neck and continuously struggling for life .Mumma , soaked into  fearful ,uncanny thoughts, was sweating, gasping ,crying .She found herself helpless when asked to be in a queue for the number slip.My father looked through the reality of the situation and took the charge himself.

He bellowed in rage  ..My child is dying and you people are worried about the Number slip ..Do hell with you .Where is Dr. Mehta,the child specialist ? He roared like a ferocious lion.Everybody had a cold feet ..faint-heartedly one of the ward boys told him Dr.Mehta’s room ..My parents ran towards that room.The Doctor was not there even during his duty hours..My dad was exasperated with the irresponsible delay. He banged the doctor’s  table in furore and yelled ..The nurse there told him that Dr.Mehta is along with his colleague in room no.203..Dad left me there on the diagnostic table and asked my mom to take care of me.

Groggy to see the doctors playing cards as he thrashed inside room no.203..He did not sound off ,but threw their cards, caught hold of his wrist, dragged and imported him  before me .

Diagnose and treat  my child quickly,he shrieked ..

The doctor was stunned to pop off even a single word ..Quickly and quietly he kept me under a machine .After a few minutes he muttered  that I am under the clutches of severe Bronchitis .My breathing pipe had been completely choked ..It had to be cleansed right away on the spot or else it would be the matter of life and death.

My child should be saved , do whatever you have to, my father squawked.

Hurriedly the nurse and the ward boys were ordered to shift me into I.C.U and fulfill the pre requisites of cleansing my wind pipe.After two hours of struggle with mild tranquilizer,the pain of piercing of the medical tools ,the flashes of the fluorescent lights and the doctor’s skill ,I was back to bit of normal breathing .

Still was advised to be under observation for seven days .I was shifted to the children’s ward where five more of them were going through the same critical condition. Now, my mother was along with me for 24 hours with her hawk eyes observing every little change in my condition being it the daytime or the nighttime reporting every single detail to the doctor during his visits or when needed.She didn’t even winked an eye for those 7 day nights.After I recovered completely and was discharged that was the day my parents heaved in relief or else they were on their toes 24/7.They being the true soldiers and saviors of my life. Only because of their fighting spirit, today I am living a healthy, prosperous life.

I was in dismay to know that those five children who were admitted along with me perished one after the other and I was the only one to survive amongst them.Even more appalling to know that the nurses ,the ward boys and the sweepers there were amazingly shocked when they learned that my parents took all the pains for me who is a girl child.

( ya to thaari beti hai ,beti re vaaste itti daud bhaag kari,beto hoto to baat samajh mein aavti thi)(she is your daughter and you took so much of pains for her if this would have been your son then atleast it was understood)

They said,Daughter or Son,every child is special and a bundle of joy for them.

How I wish, I would have been able to honor my Mother and my Father both, since they together put in all their efforts to save my life ..I salute them for their physical,mental and social courage 

Since the contest rules say that the  post is regarding the man as a soldier for women, so I would say My father came out to be a true soldier, with  true fighting spirit, who instilled life into me once again when I was on the verge of dying.

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Title : Tantra
Author : Adi
Publisher : Apeejay Stya Publishing
 Genre Fiction Thriller
Year : 2013

ISBN-10 : 8190863622
Pages : 344
Price : Rs. 195

Fiction Thriller ,Vampires ,Indian Author  !! Doesn’t the combo of all three sounds a bit offbeat , this being the only reason for me to grab this book.

THE BOOK COVER  – the blue color here is depicting the city to be in deep sleep  oblivious of the bloodsuckers risky business.The huntress on the cover holding two blood stained knives in a leather outfit , seems to be have trained legally for this job .The cover ,though ,doesn’t have much appeal, still  the reader is drawn towards  to pick it up  .


Anu ,the protagonist is a trained Guardian(Vampire huntress) in New York .To Unravel the mystery  of her boyfriend, Brian’s murder ,compelled her to take a job transfer to Delhi.And now there were myriad threats exposed to face,right from change in environment,change of colleagues, to the change in the techniques on duty..The moods and behavioural pattern of Delhi vampires were typically different from those of New York.Her actual mission took a back league in front of the murder series involving innocent children ,which when investigated revealed a very different pattern of slaying ,based on tantric powers.Her biggest challenge now was to battle against that  Tantric -Baba Senaka,who sacrifices the humans to increase his powers.Now What will Anu do ? How  will she sharpen her weapon to fight against the Tantra ?

On the other hand Anu’s pure desi aunt is also on a hunt .She is busy finding a suitable match for Anu whereas Anu is miffed to be a part of this social drama of wedlock.The episodes of dekhan dikhai brings smiles and chuckles in between and takes the reader on a lighter note.Her personal life turns a new leaf  when Gaurav is introduced.Who is he? How does he play an important role in her life? To find the answers you will have to add this book in your kart.


The thought of a  strong  female protagonist is quite refreshing.The narration is lucid  and keeps you tucked in.The language has a simplistic charm .The humoristic touch in between the lines  is another add on.The description of Sattvic and tantric energies has fine detailings which leaves a positive remark for the author to be a dedicated researcher.


The reader is in dilemma at times with lots of open ended questions. How was  the life of Anu in New York ? How she stood out to be one of the best guardians there? What does the author exactly means by  “shifts “? With such questions the readers  are left with their own interpretations.Some complexities in between and somewhere somehow the connection is lost at times and the reader feels to have a bumpy ride. Even With these few bounces the author has been able to make the read enjoyable and little engrossing.

The newbies for this genre, like me will have a tough time to turn the pages initially but if you are able to do so, it leaves you enthralling at the end.

The sequel of this book,  is for sure , being cooked up in the author’s mind.

Out and out a fun read with a nice blend of adventure, suspense, fortitude and wit . .Surely not to be missed to taste something new and refreshing this weekend Ratings   7/10

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