Book Review – Baramulla Bomber

Title:              Baramulla Bomber
Series:           Swastik Trilogy #1 (EKa)
Author:          Clark Prasad
Publisher:      Niyogi Books
Pages:            316 Paperback
Release :        Aug 2013
Price:             INR 395
Genre:            Science Fiction Thriller
 Clark Prasad, alter ego of Suraj Prasad, could be called a mixed citizen. Born in a leap year in Lagos, Nigeria he lived most of his life in New Delhi and had his education in Lagos, Delhi, Mangalore and Kozhikode. His family background is from the town where George Orwell, author of 1984 (a dystopian fiction) was born, and where Mahatma Gandhi had re-ignited India’s freedom movement – Motihari.

A pharmacist with a management degree who believes in conspiracy theories, Baramulla Bomber is his first book. His first education on the mysteries of the universe came via Carl Sagans Cosmos, and since then he never looked back on reading, watching and discussing about the universe. Currently he is a healthcare management consultant, based out of Bengaluru, Planet Earth.

The cover of the book is intriguing.The eyes have some mystery to unfold . It really heightens your temptation to catch hold of  the book.
Baramulla Bomber is a Science fiction Espionage thriller – an entirely different genre with the concoction of  Science, mythology,terrorism, cricket,the Vedas,technology,religion ,politics.
The story moves around the globe from India to U.S to Sweden to China adding in even more thrill and suspense giving you goosebumps and adrenaline rushes.The thrill quotient is kept intact till the end and most of the credit goes to it’s real time narration.
Baramulla Bomber is the first book of Svastik Triology.
Mansur Haider,a God fearing aspiring cricketer who undergoes a transformation to Baramulla Bomber,Agastya Rathore ,the home minister who is trying to find the way to have peace in the nation,Ahana Yajurvedi ,Mansur’s girlfriend who is trying to locate her missing mountaineering team who vanished, after earthquake struck the Shaksgam valley and the one who is investigating Mansur as well as the Shaksgam valley incident, Adolf Silfverskiold, a Sweedish intelligence officer ,are  some of the major characters of the story.
With the plot being so intense and all the characters being intricately woven with strong portrayal of each one , the book comes out to be a page turner, though at times the reader is  miffed when he is  left with questions unanswered,at times he is irritated with the length of the book and at times with the loopholes here and there.

Rating  7/10

All in all it makes a good read.Go,grab your copy

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