Span out your wings in the blue, rough paths,tough times,

cross them ,kick them, dare to be bold dare to be you ,

Life is just not perfect , neither are you, but

the  perfect ways to deal with  life makes a BOLD you .

The brain is all enshrouded by the mist of  illusions of fear and uncertainty. Freedom of thoughts and actions is clogged.The truth is at the end of the rainbow .If you have the courage to prick that shroud of fear ,if you have the courage  to squeeze out all the preset  trepidations and could actually chase your dreams and passions whilst knowing the purpose of it ,then undoubtedly you are bold being real. Now, Boldness don’t really mean that you have to behave like an outrageous bull leaving moral values behind.Here you need to keep a check.

The inhibitions of being a failure keep you aback from venturing into new niches .  After all interpolations the result is that you are with a mask .Shed the inhibitions,throw away the masks and you will find the complex equations of life turning simpler with you are being more realistic.

Just rocking on with the bold and bright hues does not make you so.You have to have it in your words and actions which fulfils the positive purpose of life which irrefutably satiates your soul and make your heart happy go lucky.So, do whatever makes you happy and f?@k what others think about it …

Don’t let the world dictate your life ,be bold enough to take the reins in your hands.

Go for the science stream ,it has a vast scope ,Mother dictates.

you are good in mathematics ,opt for commerce ,teacher dictates.

Do not leave this job ,you won’t get a better package than this,father dictates.

Get married ,it’s time now,relatives dictates.

This attire possibly doesn’t suit you ,husband dictates.

……… The list is endless

The biggest question is When are YOU going to dictate the terms and conditions of your LIFE ?

When are YOU going to set your Goals and dare to Dream beyond the horizon?

The moment you decide to control your life, that very moment you become BOLD as well as  REAL ..

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