Dream Big Dream Beyond

IIM  ?? No ; Gold medallist ??  No ; son of a business tycoon ?? No …. Yet while turning the leaves of the chronicle of his life you can find the success Signature on his Dreams of this self made man.Dreams never tag the elite eyes, they could shape up in anyone’s – rich or poor , literate or illiterate , mature or immature.

The tolls of  the temple bell, a Bhajan buzzing on FM ,the spicy aroma from the  mobile food stalls of the street corner, the steam from the spouts of the kettles brewing the first tea of the day , the thud of the rolled newspaper inside the balconies, few cyclists on the streets ,the school and college buses moving to their destinations …everything was just the same though the city was new to me ..I was searching for someone who could prepare some delicacies  for my twenty-five  to thirty guests as I was about to throw a party for my colleagues and subordinates after I got transferred here. And it was a chance that I asked for help at my nearby restaurant cum sweet shop . Mr. khandelwal , sethji ( as his employees use to call him) sorted out my problem  and sent a cook at my place .The party was wonderful and everybody out there complimented me for the arrangements and  the finger licking food.

After the party was over I called the cook, talked to him for a while and appreciated his work . He was overwhelmed with my behavior and promised  to cook for my house parties .His name was Gopal.

Gopal had just been like a family member after he shouldered the responsibility of catering  few of the house parties. While his looks doesn’t orchestrate with his abilities , his culinary artistry proffers an undaunted gleam and grin on his face.Shabby clothes ,dishevelled hair never repressed him to stand among the high profile people.Fulfilling the orders which Sethji use to bring was his only job but  fulfilling his dreams was his only goal in life. 

“Focussed mind  and determination  are the two indispensable tools to grapple with the odds during the journey towards success.”

I spin on my toes for the whole day round, be it the sunny, scorching ,piercing heat,be it the swishes of humid breeze,be it the chilling and biting winters and the heat of my stove never simmers down before midnight at every tick of the date on the calender.People deliberately halts at this restaurant  just to savor the meal I prepare and tickle their taste buds with the flavors I add into my dishes and yet Sethji never pay me enough to make my both ends meet, so how  can I even think of fulfilling the dreams of my family,my wife has to ponder a hundred times before buying a saree for herself ,I want my children to study in a decent English medium school so that they don’t suffer for being uneducated as I am . Gopal kept whining for at least half an hour in front of me.

I was all ears to his complaints and along with that whirlpool of ideas started somersaulting inside my head .After weighing the consequences of  all the ideas I picked two to share as a  piece of advice with him which would help him come out of this clutter.

I threw  the dice of my advice and now it was his turn to exercise his sharp intellect and  move his tokens swiftly to come out with a win win situation.

Gopal said,I will have to take the action against the sea of troubles or else the troubles will gulp me down and I will have no other option except to grunt and sweat.OF COURSE it’s quite a big risk of leaving the job of permanent monthly salary,that too in an emotional pang without any planning. I will be bare handed if there are no orders in a particular month.your advice is precious .Taking the calculated risk will be wise enough.

“Creative approach and strong work ethics  always lead to positive results.”

After a few months he visited and was quite overwhelmed and indebted towards me. You know what happened Di (sister) (as he use to call me),I followed your advice and started taking one or two party orders of around seventy-five  to hundred people at a stretch separately during the spare time .Though Sethji grumbled but I was determined enough to bring about this change.My team of four is now completely trained to work during part time along with me. And you know what?   People love my way of preparing the food.They relish the cuisines sprinkled with the magic of my fingers .I have started earning some extra bugs along with  the fixed salary from Sethji. One day I will leave his job and will take the orders independently , though I am not educated still I know I can do it. 

His voice went even more husky ,crystal clear drops clustered in his eyes ,a satiating smile was a bit hesitating to spread on his face,While he narrated his past two month story . All the B-School pass outs would fizzle in front of this uneducated man who is self motivated, proactive, who did not seek for anybody’s permission to chase his passion. He has a mature vision to take calculated risks.

“To see every event as an opportunity and accepting the challenges with an open mind is undoubtedly the ladder towards success.”

And after some time when I met him  he said that now he has completely left his job. He is leading eight teams who prepare lunch and dinner for formal and informal parties,marriages and festivals ranging from a hundred persons to five thousand persons at a time.Recently they triumphantly fulfilled the lunch and dinner orders for the IPL team who visited the city during the matches.

His graph of growth is ascending in leaps and bounds .His humble beginnings offers inspiration to many around him .

Each one of us has an entrepreneur inside us. Vision to recognize it and courage to pull it out is essential for being successful.I reminisced the title of one of the books of Robert Schuller  “TOUGH TIMES NEVER LASTS BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO “  and gave  a positive nod in his admiration.

I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with BlogAdda.com


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