My Dad- A true Soldier

This is a true incident about my survival when I was 4 yrs old .My mother narrated it to me when I stepped into the mature cadre.

Oh! I am hungry ,I am so hungry,Mumma…I nagged continuously while she took me into her arms.We  were returning from the dispensary after my check up ,and my mumma was in fact satisfied that I was completely cured.

Through the lane of the market of fruit vendors I pestered her to buy me some guavas..and she did so immediately for me..I quickly took one and started eating and we started walking again towards our home..Just before a minute or two when we were about to reach our place I  lost my senses , left all of myself on my mumma’s shoulders just like a haversack ..She sensed something odd,tried pulling my senses back but her efforts were all in vain .She at once  took an autorickshaw to the dispensary of our family doctor again..

The Doctor was shocked to see us back within an hour .He diagnosed me once again as I was going breathless ..His hands trembled ,the stethoscope fell down ..he was way too nervous .He made a quick decision and asked my mom to take me to the city hospital and consult the specialist there.

She without losing a second called at my father’s office from there itself,caught hold of me, tried to find the conveyance but could not, so she just ran for the hospital crazily afraid of uncertainties.

My father peddled his bicycle as quickly as he could, reached home, threw it then and there ,picked up his Motorbike and was there in the hospital within no time.

He spotted both of us standing at one corner, with me armed around her neck and continuously struggling for life .Mumma , soaked into  fearful ,uncanny thoughts, was sweating, gasping ,crying .She found herself helpless when asked to be in a queue for the number slip.My father looked through the reality of the situation and took the charge himself.

He bellowed in rage  ..My child is dying and you people are worried about the Number slip ..Do hell with you .Where is Dr. Mehta,the child specialist ? He roared like a ferocious lion.Everybody had a cold feet ..faint-heartedly one of the ward boys told him Dr.Mehta’s room ..My parents ran towards that room.The Doctor was not there even during his duty hours..My dad was exasperated with the irresponsible delay. He banged the doctor’s  table in furore and yelled ..The nurse there told him that Dr.Mehta is along with his colleague in room no.203..Dad left me there on the diagnostic table and asked my mom to take care of me.

Groggy to see the doctors playing cards as he thrashed inside room no.203..He did not sound off ,but threw their cards, caught hold of his wrist, dragged and imported him  before me .

Diagnose and treat  my child quickly,he shrieked ..

The doctor was stunned to pop off even a single word ..Quickly and quietly he kept me under a machine .After a few minutes he muttered  that I am under the clutches of severe Bronchitis .My breathing pipe had been completely choked ..It had to be cleansed right away on the spot or else it would be the matter of life and death.

My child should be saved , do whatever you have to, my father squawked.

Hurriedly the nurse and the ward boys were ordered to shift me into I.C.U and fulfill the pre requisites of cleansing my wind pipe.After two hours of struggle with mild tranquilizer,the pain of piercing of the medical tools ,the flashes of the fluorescent lights and the doctor’s skill ,I was back to bit of normal breathing .

Still was advised to be under observation for seven days .I was shifted to the children’s ward where five more of them were going through the same critical condition. Now, my mother was along with me for 24 hours with her hawk eyes observing every little change in my condition being it the daytime or the nighttime reporting every single detail to the doctor during his visits or when needed.She didn’t even winked an eye for those 7 day nights.After I recovered completely and was discharged that was the day my parents heaved in relief or else they were on their toes 24/7.They being the true soldiers and saviors of my life. Only because of their fighting spirit, today I am living a healthy, prosperous life.

I was in dismay to know that those five children who were admitted along with me perished one after the other and I was the only one to survive amongst them.Even more appalling to know that the nurses ,the ward boys and the sweepers there were amazingly shocked when they learned that my parents took all the pains for me who is a girl child.

( ya to thaari beti hai ,beti re vaaste itti daud bhaag kari,beto hoto to baat samajh mein aavti thi)(she is your daughter and you took so much of pains for her if this would have been your son then atleast it was understood)

They said,Daughter or Son,every child is special and a bundle of joy for them.

How I wish, I would have been able to honor my Mother and my Father both, since they together put in all their efforts to save my life ..I salute them for their physical,mental and social courage 

Since the contest rules say that the  post is regarding the man as a soldier for women, so I would say My father came out to be a true soldier, with  true fighting spirit, who instilled life into me once again when I was on the verge of dying.

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  1. Oh dear, how hard it must have been for your parents to feel helpless when their child was fighting for life…Kudos to them for the courage they showed, you are indeed lucky. At the same time the apathy of the doctors is shameful…

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