Title : Tantra
Author : Adi
Publisher : Apeejay Stya Publishing
 Genre Fiction Thriller
Year : 2013

ISBN-10 : 8190863622
Pages : 344
Price : Rs. 195

Fiction Thriller ,Vampires ,Indian Author  !! Doesn’t the combo of all three sounds a bit offbeat , this being the only reason for me to grab this book.

THE BOOK COVER  – the blue color here is depicting the city to be in deep sleep  oblivious of the bloodsuckers risky business.The huntress on the cover holding two blood stained knives in a leather outfit , seems to be have trained legally for this job .The cover ,though ,doesn’t have much appeal, still  the reader is drawn towards  to pick it up  .


Anu ,the protagonist is a trained Guardian(Vampire huntress) in New York .To Unravel the mystery  of her boyfriend, Brian’s murder ,compelled her to take a job transfer to Delhi.And now there were myriad threats exposed to face,right from change in environment,change of colleagues, to the change in the techniques on duty..The moods and behavioural pattern of Delhi vampires were typically different from those of New York.Her actual mission took a back league in front of the murder series involving innocent children ,which when investigated revealed a very different pattern of slaying ,based on tantric powers.Her biggest challenge now was to battle against that  Tantric -Baba Senaka,who sacrifices the humans to increase his powers.Now What will Anu do ? How  will she sharpen her weapon to fight against the Tantra ?

On the other hand Anu’s pure desi aunt is also on a hunt .She is busy finding a suitable match for Anu whereas Anu is miffed to be a part of this social drama of wedlock.The episodes of dekhan dikhai brings smiles and chuckles in between and takes the reader on a lighter note.Her personal life turns a new leaf  when Gaurav is introduced.Who is he? How does he play an important role in her life? To find the answers you will have to add this book in your kart.


The thought of a  strong  female protagonist is quite refreshing.The narration is lucid  and keeps you tucked in.The language has a simplistic charm .The humoristic touch in between the lines  is another add on.The description of Sattvic and tantric energies has fine detailings which leaves a positive remark for the author to be a dedicated researcher.


The reader is in dilemma at times with lots of open ended questions. How was  the life of Anu in New York ? How she stood out to be one of the best guardians there? What does the author exactly means by  “shifts “? With such questions the readers  are left with their own interpretations.Some complexities in between and somewhere somehow the connection is lost at times and the reader feels to have a bumpy ride. Even With these few bounces the author has been able to make the read enjoyable and little engrossing.

The newbies for this genre, like me will have a tough time to turn the pages initially but if you are able to do so, it leaves you enthralling at the end.

The sequel of this book,  is for sure , being cooked up in the author’s mind.

Out and out a fun read with a nice blend of adventure, suspense, fortitude and wit . .Surely not to be missed to taste something new and refreshing this weekend Ratings   7/10

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    • Hi Rishi,

      Enthralled to see your comment on my post..I would love to read and review your book..It would be an honor for me..I hope you don’t have any deadlines to post the review..Do let me know if you have defined any set of rules for the reviewer..Shall wait for your reply
      Regards and thanks


      P.S The contact form on your site is giving some error ..so I had to contact you through your mail ID

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