Beauty with brains symbolizes an extraordinary woman ,similarly Health with taste symbolizes an extraordinary dish…if it’s green ,it’s fibrous, it’s Mom’s Signature dish and moreover prepared in FORTUNE RICE BRAN HEALTH OIL   then how come HEALTH could be far away from you..

So letz hit the kitchen platform..


BESAN (Gram flour)              1cup

GREEN LEAVES( Fenugreek) 100gms

OATS                                    2tbsp

GINGER (grated)                   1tsp(change the qty as per your taste)

GARLIC ( crushed)                1tsp( change the qty as per your taste)

ASEFOETIDA                         a pinch

CUMIN SEEDS(JEERA)            1/2 tsp

CELERY (AJWAIN)                  1/2 tsp

RED CHILLI POWDER             1/2 tsp


CHAT MASALA                         1tsp

SALT                                        to taste

Water                                     to prepare batter


1. Take Besan(Gram flour) in a bowl and slowly add water to prepare the batter of proper consistency so that it spreads easily .


2. Add chopped green leaves,oats and all the spices along with the salt as per your taste and mix well.


3. Heat 2 tbsp of FORTUNE RICE BRAN HEALTH OIL and add it into the batter.

3 . Heat the pan ,put some oil on it and then a large spoon full of batter .Spread slowly to make it round.


4. Cook from both the sides applying some FORTUNE RICE BRAN HEALTH oil .


Serve with red sauce or green chutney..


1..Instead of Fenugreek leaves you can use spinach,coriander leaves,mint leaves according to your choice.

2..You can add grated onions as well ,if you like.

3..If you are  not so fond of oats you can avoid them too but I would advise not to.

4..You can stuff it too, with paneer filling .

So what are you waiting for …Lip -smacking HEALTHY, FIBROUS breakfast should be on the Dining table tomorrow..ENJOY!!! 🙂

Note: All rights reserved for the recipe and the clicks.DO NOT COPY..



  • Decreases Cholesterol: Rice bran oil reduces blood triglycerides, which are the fat molecules in the blood. Low levels of triglycerides result in low levels of cholesterol.
  • Helps protect from heart diseases: Rice Bran oil is high in Oryzanol content. This helps maintain HDL (Good cholesterol) and LDL (Bad cholesterol) in the blood which prevents heart diseases.
  • Helps clean blood vessels:  A balanced ratio of PUFA and MUFA in rice bran oil keeps the production of bad cholesterol in check, which keep blood vessels clean.
  • Provides balanced nutrition: The body requires two kinds of fatty acids- one that provides energy and the other that is required for biological processes. Rice bran oil contains a balanced proportion of both, that helps the body receive balanced nutrition.
  • Helps prevent cancer: Tocotrienols and Phytosterols+ are anti-mutagenic elements found in rice bran oil that help prevent cancer.
  • Helps to have better skin: Squalene is an organic compound naturally produced by human skin cells and is natural moisturizer. Rice bran oil contains good amounts of it which prevent ageing of the skin.
  • Makes nervous system healthier: Vitamin E is essential for normal neurological functioning. Rice bran oil is a good source of natural Vitamin E and thus helps in developing a healthier nervous system.
  • Enhances the immune system: Antioxidants improve health by fighting free radicals that harm the immune system. Rice bran oil has natural antioxidants that help build stronger immunity.
  • Helps develop better hormonal health: Ferulic acid contents in rice bran oil have been found to have good effects on the concentration of endocrine hormones.
  • Less-oily healthy food: Cooking oils become sticky due to oxidation during frying. But rice bran oil is highly stable which keeps it non-sticky and the food absorbs less oil.

**fortune rice bran

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  1. when i received e-mail notifications for these recipe posts, i thought i subscribed to a foodblog by mistake. anyway, all the best for the contest! gone through all three posts yesterday itself. some lovely recipes there!

  2. Hi Odyzz,Very lipsmacking recipe. I prepared it after reading it. It is very crisp and delicious. Best of luck for the competiton. BTW, I prepared the Orange,walnut cake. It has become a hit in our house. I have already made it thrice. My grand daughter has become your fan.

    • you are such a beautiful soul Usha maám…You came back to acknowledge and appreciate my efforts…Love u so much…and you prepared the cake thrice that’s awesome would have been even more tasty because you would have given a mother’s touch too…Your grand daughter gave me a magical moment to feel like a celebrity It’s really a WOW feeling to know that I too have a fan…Lots of ** Hugs ** and love to your Grand dotty … :)..Thanks a ton maám…keep stopping by 🙂

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