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TITLE           :F?@k Knows 

AUTHOR        :Shailendra Singh

GENRE           :Non-Fiction

PUBLISHER   :Rupa Publications

PRICE            :INR 195



Shailendra Singh  has B.T.D.T – Been There Done That.Competent enough in many endeavors he has always given his best shot in every pursuit  be it as a sports marketing Guru,advertizing whizz or a Bollywood producer .Now he has ticked off one more content from his F?@k it list of being an AUTHOR.


I was drawn towards the book by it’s striking yellow color( though it’s flashy) depicting the yellow light of the traffic signal bespeaking “Pause to ponder”.The blurb at the back is highly provocative with the Life’s most important questions .Here goes the reader’s interest on a high note to find the answers.


The author has started the book with a cautionary note to read  it chapter by chapter with long breaks in between to ingest the essence of the “GYAN ” delivered by it.Anecdotes from the chronicle of his life events turned into wisdom nuggets have been served quite interestingly in about 75 small servings..Each serving motivates you to find your true self ,follow your heart,achieve your goals and live life on your own terms…Anyhow no impositions from the author’s side .Overall he has embellished a rather well known  recipe of living a  life in true sense with his own distinctive style .


Each chapter is not more than 6 to 7 pages and has flavor of it’s own.The spices of In-your-face humor ,practicality,understandability and gut reactions are in correct proportion.It doesn’t directly throws the advice on you instead it counsels your mind slowly.That’s what I found even more interesting.I specially liked the chapter  “And then ? and then and then ? And then? “(This particular chapter is very close to my heart since I have been through this situation and while reading it I  had a big smile on my face) and “Introducing Me,to Myself ” ,“They “,” Conversation With God” are few more promisory notes which gave me a delightful experience.All in all a lucid straight forward approach is adopted while writing this self-help manual.


Anyone who will read this book will surely say one thing that this F- WORD has been used in such a repeatitive manner that it gets onto your nerves at times ..At few places I found it unnecessary as well.If you are easy chanting  this word  then for sure you can grab the book.

Few jerks while you react “Oh the same old philosophy ” for Me Time ,Health,Wealth,Smile, The F?@king List(same as bucket list ,Wishlist) etc. This knocks you down and your interest is vaporized , though their packaging and presentation strikes a marked difference to keep you going .


If you have the guts to listen and digest  “Goddamn your life is screwed “,”You are not living the way you want ” then surely it’s for you. As the author said “Do what your heart wants and go by your gut reaction ” ,I did the same while grabbing this book and writing the review too ..So decide as your heart says about dealing with  your life or  with this book ..



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  1. You have finely reviewed the book. The title seems to be quite wierd to me. Why have you not described the similarity which you faced with the situation, described by the author. It would have been interesting reading it.

    • Yes, ma’am ..just beacause of this wierd title I was drawn towards this book and was inquisitive to know the contents..hmm ..yes I knwo if I would have share d the situation it would have made it even more interesting..some otther time may be but will surely share it..Thanks a tonnnnn for such a loving feedback…I am gratified..keep sharing your thoughts..

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