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Is truth absolute or relative ?

Is truth what you hear or what you see?

Truth alters with time , metamorphoses through minds

TRUTH ; it’s in the very trice…

FICTION ; I cut it slice by slice…

I state my past as facts,as truth ,but future floats as a fiction,

truth reins me , I restrain  the fiction,

but fiction should make sense ,means truth can be nonsensical

or is it so paradoxical?

FICTION : I mold it as per my comfort

I hold it ,erase it, shipshape it~~ till my hoggish heart surfeits,

till my overtaxed  reflexes, relaxes,

It’s like a twilight that enhances every junction,

it’s my creation with core conviction

TRUTH: I tried to mold it ,manipulate it,

but it outshone with poise,

it tunneled through and through,

I had obstinately no choice..

Truth is in the mother -child bond,

It’s in the scare of being forlorn..

Truth could be found in the gleam of the little girl’s  eyes

When she holds tightly her favorite toys..

It disencumbers , sets me free,

I close my eyes , still I can see..

Truth is self -sustained ,no pillars,no foundation

it’s beyond words ,hitherto has no description

TRUTH really is strange , stranger than FICTION…..


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  1. Superb!! So very well defined…dissecting it layer by layer…truth is one whil fictions are many. Loved the way you have put verses for all the three themes!!! A winner…ATB for BAT. I hv a lot to learn from u for penning poetry!!:)

    • Whoa!! you just made my day ,gal..I was in a bit of dilemma before posting it ..but you removed all my inhibitions..Thanks a ton for such an enthusiastic feedback ..
      hey you yoursef are a wonderful writer…and I guess learning is an ongoing process for each one of thanks u dear…** hugs**

  2. truth can be a very hard concept to wrap your head around…what is true for one may not be true to another…and so it can seem relative…if i deny truth even with evidence, does it make it untrue…and thus truth is subjective? really an interesting psychological debate i could get out of this…smiles.

  3. Wow – You must be the only blogger on BATOM to have deciphered the Truth- Fiction phrase this way. Awesome take.
    I thought of the various takes this phrase can have – but this one never came to my mind – Enlightened to be here.

    • Welcome to Odizzey ,Viyoma..I am really happy that you found my work worth reading ..You know something, my moronic mind could not think of anything except this poem on this phrase..I am glad you liked it..Thanks a ton for such a wonderful feedback..keep dropping by 🙂

  4. Very well written! It sent me pondering about truth and fiction. I especially love this line, “Truth could be found in the gleam of the little girl’s eyes.”
    Little children only know the truth and whatever they see, they take it as truth. As they grow older, fiction starts to blend into their mind.

  5. First time I read….everything went over my head ….then I took a pause and re-read the whole thing again. its very nice and has lot of depth…. i’m bit tired praising all ur lovely poems/pieces becos u keep writing better n better :-)) all the best for BAT

  6. There may or may not be objective truth, but our perception of it is always subjective, no matter how hard we try to avoid that. Also, the truth we tell about ourselves is usually only partial – we even try to hide from the truth about ourselves sometimes.

    As for fiction – you’re right. Fiction is where we get to be in total control, but that can bring its own difficulties. For example, coincidences happen quite a lot in real life, but in fiction they often seem contrived.

    • Yes ,Tony are absolutely right and that’s what I tried to sum up in first three lines.. As per your say “we even try to hide from the truth about ourselves sometimes ” even if we try hiding it ..truth remains truth and we are very much aware of that..
      Thanks a ton for absorbing in my thoughts and analyising it with such fine detailings..
      Keep coming up with detailed feedbacks..:)

  7. Absolutely fantastic poem! The truth really is stranger than fiction, mainly because what most of us believe is the truth is actually a fiction and thusly all the things we think too unbelievable to be true actually are! This is something I write a lot about, I actually named my blog “Stranger Than Fiction!”

  8. i won’t go into the subject. it’s really confusing and my brain cannot process anything beyond a limit.

    loved the poetry as usual!! you write amazingly well! will go through your blog archive soon and read few posts.

  9. Pingback: Creative writing for Indian Bloggers this weekend. WOW.

  10. What a creative piece of writing that is.. I loved it thoroughly..

    TRUTH ; it’s in the very trice…

    FICTION ; I cut it slice by slice…

    It’s the standout as far as I am concerned..

    You have a creative mind odyzz, keep creating my friend..

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