I was bowled over with the love and affection of my fellow bloggers..I am speechless…

Bewildered as to how to start off with this post .. With apologies for being a busy beaver and a lazy bum, With loads of thanks for all the adulation and cheers by the blogger buddies or with the jamboree..

Let me take the opportunity to thank the adorable EXCEPTIONAL FOUR  –ANJAN, RESHMA, PANCHALI DI and MALINY  , who showered much love and luxury upon me..I am feeling so special and royal…I am humbled and gratified to be a part of this amazing blogger world..

Borrowing the idea from Maliny of skipping putting in the  details of the rules and regulations of receiving a LIEBSTER , and jumping right onto the procedure..

Here I serve the platter of 11 facts

1. Simple, Clear hearted , straight forward  person with a lot of patience,Gemini is        my sun sign.

2. My Mother is my best friend,philosopher and guide.

3. I am a self motivated person.

4. Listening gears up my mind, Reading satiates my soul, Writing lightens my heart.

5.I took training in KATHAK for 2 years and have been a part of local dance and drama troupes.. I am madly in  love with dancing.”Dhol ” beats roll and I am on the floor..

6. I am a die hard fan of Madhuri Dixit.

7. Yoga and meditation are the best tools to keep my mind body and soul in harmony.I have done  YIC from SVYASA Bangalore.

8. Gardening refreshes my nerves .The most beautiful moments being captured by my heart are with my plants,fruits,flowers .

9. I never fall for the Fashionista blindly , instead I create my own comfortable style statement.I am a bit inclined towards ethnic wears..

10. High aversion for allopathy..Home remedies,naturopathy and homeopathy are best suited for my health..

11.I started writing since I was in eighth standard and was in Hindi of course..It was all genetic, I think ,as my maternal grandfather was a well known Urdu shaayar…two lines of my Hindi shaayri ~

  Jab dard milne lage naam pe davaa ke                                                                              to aur kya kahen,bahut badle hue se rukh hain hawaa ke….

Coming to the Question answer session ….Again would like go with the same idea as Panchali DI.. Shall answer 3 questions each from all four questionnaires..


1.  If you were born again, what would you want to be?

~~Me of course ,but a little more polished with a little more carved destiny

2.Will you want to spend all your life with someone who likes to be with you but doesn’t love you or someone who loves you but for some reasons ignores you?

~~Someone who likes to be with me but doesn’t love me…

3. Name the most inspiring blog that you came across of late.

~~It’s none other than Panchali Di’s Blog-Panchalibolchi..Every word she writes seems to strike the seven notes in harmony…I am just short of words to say how inspiring she has always been…

Reshma’s Questions

1.What’s the one thing about you that you think irritates others the most?

~~ Hmm …I ask a lot of questions ..may be, this irritates other people sometimes..

2. Describe what writing means to you in 3 words.

~~essence of life

3. What is/are your Favorite book/books (limit to 3) and why?

~~ Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do  by Robert Schuller..whenever i am knocked down in life this book stands as a pillar of strength to uplift me with added vigor and enthusiasm.

Playing along with Panchali Di’s questions

1. Are you a morning person or night owl?

~~Night Owl but can wake up early in the morning too if the situation demands..

2. Something you learned recently…

~~To knit a shawl with U-pin and crochet.

3. What is your favorite season of the year?


Maliny’s Questions

1. Your dream holiday destination ?

~~Switzerland and Mauritius 

2. Which do you prefer. scribbling on a piece of paper or typing onto a laptop?

~~Scribbling on a piece of paper

3. What would your Bucket list comprise of ?

~~To learn Salsa and mural painting, to walk as a celebrity on the Red carpet one day, and **the last one same as yours **to write a best selling , critically acclaimed novel one day.

Hunting for  the blogs having followers less than 200 has been a painful job past couple of days..So I am just focussing on nominating wonderful bloggers, few of them follow the rules but of course I admire them all..  -INDU MAÁM – DEEPAK KRIPAL – DEBAJYOTI -NANDINI DEKA -AMRIT  – AKILA – SURBHI BAFNA  – GEETASHREE – JAHID AKHTAR  -BUSHRA

MY set of Questions

1. Describe yourself in five adjectives. Explain why you picked those five.

2. If you won an All-Expenses paid vacation for you and three guests , who would you take with you and why?

3. Do you like Reality TV shows ? Why do you think they are so popular ?

4. If your personality was represented by a cartoon character who would it be and why?

5. What could you do to cheer someone up who is in a  bad mood?

6. Living in the mountains or on the beach , Which one and why?

7. Have you ever “People Watched”? Why do people find this so interesting?

8. Your favorite activities on a rainy day.

9. What is your Sunday routine ?

10. What is one thing you want to do but haven’t done yet?

11.If you would write a book about anything what would it be about?

Whoa !! I am done ..Again A big Thank You for the nomination,appreciation ,love  and blessings…




  1. Odyzz heartiest congrats for this award.After reading this post i feel as if i know you quite well.That bit of shayari is great–must read more of it.
    I am so grateful that you found my blog good enough to be included here–thanks a ton!

    • Welcome to my space Indu Di..( Grant me the permission to call you, Di) ..Even I colud feel the connectivity and that too a fragrant one…Thanks a ton for your appreciating words .Glad to know that you liked the shaayri ..Will surely share some more with you…Moreover you need not be grateful for anything..your blog your writings deserve every bit of the award and many more…so Congrats and Enjoy ..shall wait to read about you more in the award post..

    • Hey Nandu..You are such a sweet soul with a tinge of naughtiness which I could cleary see in your stories and poems…I always love to read your posts and of course your feedback on my writings…Thanks a ton ..many congrats for the award deserve even more accolades… 🙂

  2. it was a lovely read!! i am a night person too but i cannot get up early (if i have any work in the morning then i don’t sleep at all). quickly learn Salsa and mural painting now. and hopefully, one day we will get to read your best selling novel 🙂

    thank you so much for considering my blog for the nomination! honored!!!

    • I am glad ,Deb you enjoyed reading it…And you too are a night Owl..Great !! Salsa ..hmmm actually there are so many other committments in life that this has taken a back seat..but HOPE is still there…** BEST SELLING NOVEL ** will be like one of the best things happening in my let’s see how it turns around..( I am sure aur koi ho ne ho you willbe there to read it )..And as far as the nomination is concerned it’s just a token of appreciation ,the best thing is that, you as a writer always add laughter to my days and what could be more beautiful than this… the writer of your stature deserves many many more accolades…many congrats ..keep giving a good dosage of laughter to your readers.. 🙂

  3. Wow! What a generous little girl you are…you deserve this award not only for your nice posts but also for the golden heart that you have. No sychophancy this is but I believe the blogs give away a lot about the bloggers. Am not so talented as you are. Do keep on exploring yourself with dozens of creative pursuits. God Bless…Err I am not quite sure what I have to do …answer these questions in a post on my blog…? Do let me know…a little zapped to be nominated for this award and so soon…

  4. Odyzzzzzz…..Hearty Congratulations, my dear!!! You are brighter than the brightest star…so deserve all those and many more!! It’s great knowing you more…!! And I am so excited to know that U-pins are coming back. I learnt it during my school days n knitted three shawls!! Wow…you took me back to my school days! :))
    Thank you for playing along…

  5. We do have a lot of similarities ! And averion to allopathy huh – Doc talk 😛 . ( Ayurveda is powerful i know 🙂 ) . Quite an engaging read it was going through the post . You have crafted it smoothly . Congratulations on the award and keep writing 🙂

  6. hey dear.. i am really sorry for responding late, but i am really really busy these days. Heartiest congratulation for the award. Whatever opportunity i have had to read your work (i look forward to read more), you truly deserve all the awards as I found an exceptional writer in you my gemini friend. I also love salsa, switzerland and spring. Meanwhile, take time to cherish the deserving accolades and I know that many more awards are coming your way. Sorry again for the delay. 🙂

  7. Loved reading your answers Odyzz…seems like we a have a lot in common- yoga, gardening, sense of fashion, aversion to allopathy…
    You are multi-talented, what with dance and crochetting 🙂 Happy blogging girl, someday I hope to get a autographed novel of yours 🙂

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