Head or Heart ??



no smoking

Physically torn out , psychologically blazing he lay down in a dark room struggling with the pricks as he inhales and with the twitches  as his lungs are squeezed ..

He was missing something which had been his loyal consort in the  moments of celebrations and flashes of remorsefulness. But in a jiffy when his acumen took the reigns he laughed out loud  narcissistically .. He was able to hide one for himself from the White coat.

The logical head grumbled NO …

The emotional heart  screamed YES …

The Heart voiced out – “I am the Majesty , I won the battle today .”Cheers “to my small victory.

He slowly slipped his hand under the bedcover to savor it’s feel between its fingers..That hit him right on the spot .It brought joy undefined to all his senses.Rolling between the fingers again and again he loved bringing it closer and closer. Within a gasp it was on his lips ..

He had always loved watching the flame spurt up ,loved the taste buds tickled by the paper ,loved having deep puffs and watching those white fumes forming circles in the oblivion ,loved the tobacco fumes travelling through his lungs, loved it’s warmth which slowly blazed him inside out…and now this love was tormenting him to the toes..

Last time .. Just one last time , the heart stood strong .. But this time the head came out to be even stronger and he threw away the cancer stick as far as he could …

Now the head voiced out with proud -I am the Majesty,I won the battle today and forever. “Cheers ” to my big victory…

Yes,today everyone around him were happy to see him win over his addiction.



Stay safe ,stay healthy ,stay happy

Head over heart or heart over head,Both are yours ,you just have to keep them balanced…


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. Wow,I am the first one to Comment on this lovely, thoughtful and warning post. Head and heart, both must be pampered to remain fit. Yes,addiction of any thing is harmful for the head and the Heart both! Very well written.

  2. Another masterpiece! Odyzz …u write awesome…i think you should use a real identity to give a face to your writings for a better connect. I for one would love to see the person behind these BRILLIANT little Masterpieces 🙂

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