Writing to me is…

Writing to me is

my world of imaginations coming true

conceptualization of  the ideas with myriad hues

Exploring  the untold world, creating the unknown universe

spurting volcanoes of heart ,oozing brainy swirls

creating new chapters,learning new lessons

relieving from apprehensions,  discovering new dimensions

freedom of thoughts ,brush strokes of  expressions 

 to create the characters and make them alive

 dancing in harmony, Kathak,salsa or Jive

 passionate romance , just a perfect stance

a satiating delicacy , an undefined intimacy

Hugging the unlimited sky, nestling the immeasurable earth

 just like a mother after a child’s birth

 a comedy,a tragedy,a mystery

 painting sagas ,rewriting history

resurrecting  the past ,rehashing the present, reshaping the future

recuperating my neurons ,synergizing  my soul, for sure

  the essence of life , is  just so natural as a cherubic smile

an exact ODIZZEY ,come let’s walk down across the miles…….


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. A lovely collection of one-liners that any copywriter would be proud of. I’m sure there will be communication guys making a beeline for this post for an inspiration or two to be lifted to promote a TV serial or a coffee or an eating joint… 🙂

  2. Writing is all that and more 🙂 I never had the ability to create pictures with pencils and paint, so I use words to do the job. Your words have shown me your self-portrait – and I’m liking what I see.

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