Icky epilogue

I woke up went to the bathroom and saw the mirror,harked back to the witching hour episode………

Dark bleak incredulous penumbra                                                                            unnerved ,                                                                                                     benumbed the innards ..                                                                                       languidly, the glacial epoch                                                                                   within, disintegrated…..                                                                                             

Trepidation gradually hazed away ,
as she elucidated

last night’s icky epilogue..

Love vanquished love

crimson blotches on the floor…

No remorse, while she released his last breath
she conquered all her fears, her tears and  

enbosomed SHE-cherub more closer.

Aah!! Yes , this was something I tried composing before I surrendered myself completely to bed.
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Zephyrs of love



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