I wish I had one more chance to …

I stumbled upon one of the wonderful blogs hosted by Preeti Shenoy ..I found The concept of Wishlist Wednesday challenging and interesting..I took no time to pour down my thoughts about the common phrase ……

I wish I had one more chance to ..

Relive my childhood.. When the grey matter started overpowering my heart ,  I found that life is a tough terrain full of uncertainties , jolts and bumps . To fight with all the odds and face the challenges with confidence we need to have inner strength .So I want to capture those innocent, radiant ,guileless moments shared with family and friends, emboss them ,more important carve them on my heart and mind once again and treasure them as the core strength for my whole life..

Say YES at times.. When it was the time to follow my dreams I should not have crushed it under peer pressure ,family’s dominance and society’s lens ..I would have stood by it firmly , fought for it and chosen the battle of my life wisely..I would have said YES to myself ..a loud YES to come out of all the pressure and influence.

Say NO at times…. Don’t be a ladder to someone else’s success at the cost of your own. I should have learnt to say a NO to people, maybe friends , or near ones so that they have not got the chance to use and throw me as a garbage from their lives..Relationships and friendships are balanced When a clear NO is given for genuine reasons .It is necessary to  nurture them from both the sides to keep them flourishing.

P.S :     I hope I am not late to enter the contest and my entry would be considered .Thanks.



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Zephyrs of love



  1. ‘wish i had one more chance!’ – don’t we all mumble that under our breath every now and then? and given a chance, the first thing we all would do is revisit our childhood.

    love your writing!! all the best if this is a contest post!

  2. Immaculate piece, odyzz—so often we wish we had one more chance to rectify all the regrets in life– Past is past n is gone… and it leaves you to a point which is impassable !! So, stop regretting and never look back!…that’s what I tend to follow:)
    Fantastic write up! All the best for the contest..!

    • It’s always an honor to have such suppotive words from you…I too believe in these words – past is history ,future is mystery and present is a present(gift) given to you by God..so live it to the fullest,,,but you need to recall those moments at times …Thank you so much for bringing in peace of heart and mind with your words…Keep stopping by.. 🙂

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