“I am the only tree left in the forest “
I told, I explained, I pleaded, I threatened
but all in vain  ………………

Such selfish,self centered morons you all are
You could not unravel my selfless spirit
Come ,Swirl and toss around with me
and let your brain brew
I stand here alone,alone here I stand-
with bows down to you ,only for you

I enbosomed your sweat ,absorbed your pains
Stretched my arms to veil you from sun and rains
My buds and blooms,my leaves and roots
all are the Saviour of the eternity
for me,is nothing,nothing is for me-
all bows down to you,only for you

I hold back mother earth,refresh the vast sky
I nest in so many twitters,still you have turned a blind eye
I am the nature’s soul
Claws dipped in human venom ,pierced it strong ,made a hole
I have no grudges ,no grudges I have-
but what you did is simply unfair
you shall not be spared,Nature will take it’s own care…….

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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