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Life is not all about reaching the destination , it’s about celebrating each moment of the caravan
It’s not all about minting money, it’s about celebrating each moment of satisfaction  


Oh!! Wonderful, so graceful..stands confident and crowned in the peer group, glowing unblemished skin,virginity intact.. Hands just slip in to catch hold of it , seems to be delicate , aesthetically crafted by an artist..Aah!! So hot and steamy.. Here comes the show stopper for today’s evening – Hot, hot de novo tea set ,afresh member in the family of my crockery window…

She ended up the commentary on a musical note trying to make sound like a trumpet.. Aghh!! I swear it wasn’t her cup of tea…the juicy bit of the melodrama was still left…She said hey LP ,look what I have bought to sweeten my kitty…..my eyebrows were dying to touch the hairline when I saw some unusual thingy in her hand …and without losing a second she splattered her thrill showing me a trendy, fashionable ,embroidered tea-cosy for that tea set …and she sparkled her teeth ..I too smiled and sang along in a low tone , Baawari , now what’s this for ( with a big question mark on my face)?? Is there any festival around???

She said, ” no dear, no festival “….You know me, LP , don’t you?                  Celebrations are not just confined to festivals for me. I think every jiff of life is to be rejoiced and savored.***

One of her passions was to be with nature.Every plant in her garden has a nickname given by her . If she is not inside the house you can find her in the garden talking with any of the plants ,appreciating their shining leaves ,their buds,their soft velvety touch,getting whiffs of their fragrances ,congratulating them on flower blooms and much more.The heights of her being a nature freak was that the gifts to her family and friends often use to be small potted plants along with the tagline”Save Green,Go Green”.She was simple yet phenomenal.She was as beautiful as a Lily but wasn’t lily-livered.Her bizarre ways of living life use to leave me tongue tied at times….

There are lots and lots of episodes from Saanwari’s life which have been captured in my heart for my entire lifetime .Above were just a few flashes from it..**

Oh!! I haven’t yet introduced you to Saanwari.. My beloved , my life , the one and only my charming wife.. Sometimes I use to call her “Baawari” which means ” little inane”.. In return she also kept a pet name for me, LP… After hearing my nickname I could not stop myself cracking a PJ(Poor joke) ..I said to her , don’t ever call me as LP ji.. People will take it as LPG…..I looked at her and tried hard to laugh to present it as a joke but my efforts were all in vain,she didn’t even spare a smile for my effort..Anyways I was still in the quizzing mode to ask about the full form of LP. She answered “Life Partner “, with a cherubic smile on her face.I was always up to give my heart out for such innocence…
Her zeal towards life was so astonishing …her perception use to do miracles,her words use to add fresh oxygen to life…She always added vibrancy to the mileposts and celebrated them in her own unique grand style..she was the one who taught me how to celebrate even with the memories and that is what I am doing right now ,celebrating with her memories by sharing those treasured episodes with you ..       I lost her last month..

manzil ki talaash mein, dar dar bhatakte hain,
pal khushiyon ke ,haath se bas yun hi sarakte hain..
Manaana chaho to ,jashn ke kaaran bahut hain ,
per hum to bas, utsavon ki raah takte hain…


P.S  This post has been written in hustle n bustle in just half an hour..Didn’t even had time to edit it. So  please bear it this time.



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  1. “Celebrations are not just confined to festivals for me. I think every jiff of life is to be rejoiced and savored.”—this says it all, Odyzz. I also wrote something on a similar line…wise women think alike 😛
    Good one!

  2. I so fell in love with the character of your story.. Baawari..and her nick name- “L.P.” .. 😀
    I totally agree with you..and it is a gift indeed! A celebration.. your story reminded me of Anand(movie) .. 🙂
    ATB for BAT ..

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