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SHORT STORY          

Note : This story is a work of PURE FICTION and any resemblance in name, place etc. to any person is purely coincidental.  

Enbosoming an entirely different world in me , multifarious creatures are living here as natives or tenants, holding a muster of precious artifacts , remnants of history , souvenirs of passion, snippets of altercations; endorsing legion of emotions , embracing umpteen turbulent hearts and minds , eyewitnessing myriad untold stories of the daily rhythms and on and on ….. And you know what?? …my expressions could not be more than either taking agile leaps , getting wilder sometimes or being calm, swift and caressing…. Anyone coming to my shore consider me as one of the most plausible friends to share even their secret of secrets….
Aah!! See there is someone sitting on that rock candy by my side ….. Oh!! I know, she is Aanya. She comes here often..


Swollen red eyes , tears trickling down her cheeks relentlessly, her traumatic condition, all were unveiling the excruciating pain she was going through. The crests and troughs of the emotional storm were way too high …… She was wailing and on a spur of the moment the volcano inside her erupted. I could hear her scream as she was saying~ Why me ? Why always me ? Whether the lanes chosen by me or chosen by life for me why they always have a dead end and I have to come back all the way and start from the scratch again…. Why it always happens with me ?She sobbed and cried and cursed herself..

I was very calm at that moment caressing her feet again and again so that she may feel lighter.. What more could I have been able to do ?? Sometimes I really do feel crippled when I am unable to soothe someone’s heart…I was in despair and it was chilling me to the core until I heard a very familiar chirpy voice ..


Yippee!! I bounced with glee and leaped happily….She is here !!..Sakhi , a sweet little ebullient girl ,eight or nine years old was playing with her mother .They were a little far away from Aanya…I dedicated all ears to her for a while …I could listen to her giggles ,clappings,naughty talks as she was enjoying making paper boats while asking her Mom to write something on each of them.After it was all done she took each paper boat in her hands gaped at the sky for a while as of she was saying something to God and then sailed them one by one on my waves ….I became a little wild in ecstasy and took the liberty to dance with her boats…


Unfortunately one of her paper boats died ( it had to, after some time, Sakhi knew that) but fortunately it sailed all the way to Aanya before dying….
Aanya, for a jiffy, came out of her envelope of grief and exasperation when Sakhi’s paper boat touched her feet…She picked it up , there was a small flag tucked inside with something written on it. It took her a while to understand that word …It was “HOPE“.. While she was busy with it, she couldn’t realize that someone crept behind her …. They were Sakhi and her Mom..

As soon as Aanya turned around, Sakhi tried grasping her boat .. She said she was sending a wish to God . This one word if missed could weaken her message…Aanya could not keep the curiosity to herself and asked her about it…
Sakhi passed a faint smile to her Mom…her Mom’s eyes were brimmed with tears ,she gasped and  told Aanya that Sakhi’s vision is blurring day by day and after sometime she will be completely blind .. Doctors Will not be able to do anything until she matures to the age of 18 …She comes here daily with me to send her prayers to God .Today she wrote “Thank You God for a beautiful day, hope to see more colors tomorrow ” .The boat with the word ” HOPE ” jaunted towards you along with the current ….
Aanya was stunned and dumbstruck. The enthusiasm , the positive vision towards life of Sakhi at this tender age pricked Aanya’s enshroud of grief and  slowly it withered away .. Aanya was in a whole new avatar now…She saluted Sakhi who left with her paper boat written “HOPE” on it….


Mischief hovered on my waves as I drifted towards Aanya to share that euphoric moment with her. I just rocked , rolled and fondled her legs again and again in exuberance ..The new confident, smiling Aanya also turned to move off to her place …
These untold stories are the precious gems of my everlasting treasure and I feel honored to share one such gem with you ..
This Untold story has turned to be a Told story now…

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    • Your’s is also the first time here, Ayushi…Welcome dear.. 🙂
      Your enthusiastic gesture through your words has filled me with positive energy and inspiration to write more…I found your comment straight from the heart and so it touched my heart…loved it and thanks a lot …hope to see you more.. 🙂

    • I think you too have dropped in for the first time here..Welcome to my space Ani..
      And “master player of words “OMG..its the first time somebody has given me such a wonderful compliment..Though I know I don’t deserve it but I accept it humbly ..Shall try not to disappoint you in the future… Thanks from the bottom of my heart…really pleased to have such a delightful comment.. 🙂

    • Welcome to my space, Deepa…I guess at times the innocence of the children solves so many complexities in our lives ….Thanks a lot for your words of appreciation..they mean a lot to me…Keep sharing your words..

      P.S My elder sister’s name is also Deepa there comes a very familiar kinda feeling whenever I read your comment or post .. 🙂

  1. This is one of the most creative depictions about the sea / river, shore and the myriad glimpses and stories of human character that it holds within its breast.

    The story is remarkably refreshing considering the fact that it has been told from the point of view of the water which is bound to reflect the joys and agonies of its visitors.
    For such a theme narrations holds the key to it’s novelty.. Which you’ve executed impressively.

    Very well written story.

    You may read ‘A walk On The Shore’ @



    • Warm welcome and heartfelt thanks, Anupam..your precious words are so so encouraging and you have a novel way to detail the aspects of the story which depicts a unique quality of a writer in you…you have energized me to write better..Thanks for leaving your footprints …keep dropping by..:)

  2. 🙂 First of all I am so sorry for coming here so late.. I really liked your story and I must say I am flattered with your choice of words. 🙂 You know it is so tempting to fall prey to “cribbing,cursing and complaining” .. but it is much courageous to cling onto hope and faith in adverse situations. It is humane to behave like Aanya (btw i loved this name).
    But people like Sakhi.. can touch your life and leave their foot prints forever.. 🙂
    A beautiful story..and inspiring one!

    All the best for BAT 32 🙂

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