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Black drape of despair,

pricked- by myriad lamps

of faith and aplomb.



    • Thanks a lot for your wishes ,Leo ..I embrace them humbly, hmm .though wishes for Ganesh chaturthi would also have been accepted with the same warmth and enthu(as Ganpatti bappa arrived yesterday).but along with the wishes your feedback for my writing would have made my day…any ways many thanks ..

      • My apologies.. I’m on a (endless) catch-up with the haiku. 50+ in 3 or 4 hours is somewhat challenging. 🙂

        Darkness representing all things bad or evil, symbolized by your drape of despair being pricked and conquered by a thousand diyas, representing good, hope, faith as in your picture, reminded me of Diwali, hence I commented that way. 🙂

        As for Ganesha Chaturthi, heartiest wishes of that too, just that I didn’t know if you celebrated it or not. 🙂 Coming from God’s Own Country, I don’t, so…

        • Aah!! thanks for the wonderful detailing and for the wishes far as celebration is concerned I too am not really into its show biz but yes these days definitely brings some positivity in the air which automatically calls you to celebrate in your own small ways.. 🙂
          and Challenges,I guess you have an expertise in facing and fulfilling no worries.. 🙂
          lastly you need not apologise for anything …we all are here to share our thoughts with each other…Thanks for fetching out some time from your busy schedule and spilling such wonderful beans on my blog…keep spilling them. 🙂 All the very best for your challenge..

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